Petition to amend the transport regulations for farmed animals

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MP Alexandra Mendes is sponsoring a petition to amend the transport regulations under the Health of Animals Act to bring Canada’s regulations pertaining to animals in transit


There is a link at the bottom of the wording of the petition that will take you to the petition.  Please sign.  Thank you.


Petition to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food


  • Virtually all farmed animals are transported at least once in their lifetime;
  • Canadian cattle, sheep and goats may be legally transported 52 hours without water, food or rest, and pigs, poultry and horses, 36 hours, under similar circumstances;
  • These times far exceed other jurisdictional standards, including the EU where animals may be transported only 8 hours if vehicles lack watering facilities, automatic fans, temperature monitors and alarms; and
  • Millions of Canadian farm animals suffer and die due to long journeys, illness, injuries, extreme temperatures and overcrowding.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food to Publish amended transport regulations under the Health of Animals Act to:

  1. Ensure journeys do not exceed 8 hours unless vehicles are equipped with amenities, as above. Longer times would be permitted with this equipment, linked to an alarm;
  2. Require all new vehicles be fitted with species-specific watering, mechanical ventilation, and navigational GPS to record travel times, speeds and distances;
  3. Ensure animals are not transported during extreme temperatures, as defined by the Codes of Practice for farm animals;
  4. Require animals be transported to the nearest slaughter plant;
  5. Require drivers to receive formal training and certification in animal welfare;
  6. End electric prod use and ensure sick or injured animals are not transported unless for medical help;
  7. Establish loading densities so animals can stand and lie comfortably; and
  8. Provide sufficient funding to CFIA for on-road inspections and enforcement of transport regulations.

Please go here to sign.


  1. PamEvely · ·

    I hate to sign this, because it feels like I’m supporting any transport of horses (or any other animal) for slaughter, as long as they follow these rules, which of course isn’t the case. I have to tell myself it will be better than nothing if passed, so I will sign. Unfortunately, we all know how rarely animal protection laws, such as they are, are enforced in Canada. It’s just so discouraging that even a change in government has made no real difference for our fellow Earthlings.

  2. Debra Little · ·

    All Canadians PLEASE Sign !! Help Stop Long and Unnecessary transportation time. Stop the Abuse and Suffering of all Farm Animals.. Horses included. Every Animal Deserves Proper Care & Medical Attention when needed!!Debra

  3. K. Kennedy · ·

    So many US supporters want to sign this also (as C.L. mentioned).

    1. As this is a petition that will be read in Canada’s Parliament, unfortunately, only Canadian citizens can sign it. It’s Parliamentary law. We wish our American friends could sign it as then we’d have many thousands more signatures.

  4. Lisa Hebert · ·

    It is barbaric the way animals are transported, use more trucks you have loads limits on everything from hay to heavy equipment. Limit the # of animals that can be put on a truck.

  5. Please make this open signing for US supporters. Many US people want to sign!

  6. Linda Dudine · ·

    3 words/////stop horse slaughter

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