Horse slaughter video – Canada’s Dirty Little Secret

A U of BC student has created this video featuring well-known equine advocate Theresa Nolet from O.A.T.S Horse Rescue.



  1. I am very ashamed to be an Albertan and I have verbally condemned horse slaughter in Fort MacLeod, Alberta. I cannot stand the sight of Bouvry Exports where thousands of horses spend their last days before being inhumanely butchered. I cannot grasp the greed of this man and our politicians who promote this disgusting form of animal abuse…for the love of the almighty dollar..I was hoping that when Harper and his sidekick. Gerry Ritz, who was the Minister of Agriculture lost the election. things would turn around. but we still have people like Bill desBarres who openly promote horsemeat as chuck full of protein…this could be true but I have seen this abomination up close and personal living in southern Alberta. The horses are abused from roundup to transport by kill buyers who make their sleazy living from animal abuse..They stand by the thousands at feedlots owned by Claud you think he cares about their welfare..if they die in the what..another one will take its place..these are not old horses..they are mares and babies, young studs and stallions who suffere injuries of every type and even death while in the feedliot. They have zero protection from Mother Nature especially in the hot summer months and the cold of winter. If nothing changes…nothing changes. we live in a very sick society where animals have no rights other than their meat, their fur and whatever humans can do to make money from them.

  2. As far as I have found out U.S. horses are still being hauled to Mexico to be slaughtered. I can’t find out who the horse meat is being sold to is it the Mexicans that is buying it or is it being shipped to other countries other than the EU? If the EU stopped the Mexican horse meat why didn’t they stop the Canadian horse meat shipments???? I have never been able to find out anything about that either. I wonder if Canadian Horse Defense could investigate this they have more contacts out there than any of the us do. I live in the U.S. but the some of the people here don’t know either.
    One organization I belonged to was supposed to be sending people to the border to keep a eye on the people hauling the horses across the border but I never heard anything after that.

  3. Lynn schwarz · ·

    This is a very good video,they need to show the fed lots where the horses pick up virus and worms,and there babies left to die in the mud and poop,the deases alone should be a wake up,blind horses old horses babies ripted from there mothers,tell it all!

    1. Theresa Nolet · ·

      Lynn this was a school project video and was limited to 10 minutes so therefore could not cover all the horrors and lies of the industry. Please share this video out as much as possible.

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