Updated flyer


Photo: US horses, photographer unknown

We’ve uploaded a revised flyer with the Canadian slaughter stats up to and including 2015.  In 2015 Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada reports that 67,894 horses were slaughtered in Canada.  Of those, 65.4% were from the U.S.  This number is up by 5% over 2014.

We also have an auction flyer that you may wish to hand out to people bringing a horse to auction.


  1. Adele Sands · ·

    Canadian Slaughter is much more humane than Mexican. If we’re going to stop one we have to stop the other. Northern US horses would go all the way to Mexico if the Canadian pipeline stops. it’s a complicated situation.

  2. Christine · ·


  3. Kathleen Kennedy · ·

    I agree with everyone else’s comments here… Shame on all humans who do not think that innocent animals do not have feelings & are only here on earth to be slaves to the humans. They will have to answer to a higher power someday soon.. Shame on the USA, Canada, & Mexico, only to name a few countries who do not care about the welfare of innocent animals… So many more countries too add also. What a sick sophisticated? society we live in.

  4. brenda · ·

    Save and keep Gods creation safe.
    Give them life as your Father in heaven is giving you life.

  5. It is an abomination to perpetrate this horror on these highly evolved beings the horses! This must stop. There’s a better way of life, surely!

  6. I am so appalled of this shameful act if crulty as a canadian. For ever death every shot fired to these horses for every shot is a shot in my heart and the hearts of other people both usa and Canada. As much as we try to stop it. It seam tge government tge cfia the slaughter plants in Canada have no hearts if they did they wouldn’t do this. This is he lowest of low as people can get to be this way. Are e so poor thst we need the money to give us our living by the blood of these helpless creatures that he done US NO HARM . I would think that we as Canadians can be better people to show the world thst we are. 😂

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