Vigil for horses

Exterior.On Saturday April 23, 2016 at 1PM there will be a vigil at the Bouvry Horse Slaughter Plant on Highway 3, Fort MacLeod, Alberta from 1-3 p.m. this Saturday.  Everyone is welcome.  Please click here for details.



Anita Virginillo of Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort wrote the following piece about horse slaughter and this Saturday’s vigil:

Raising awareness about horse slaughter


This Saturday is International Help a Horse Day in an effort to raise awareness about the the plight of horses.

Equine rescues and sanctuaries are encouraged to host an event highlighting the work they do and showing community members how they can help. Members of the public can also do a lot to help horses and so together, Christine Gallant and I will be organizing a vigil to bring attention to the forgotten horses at the Bouvry Horse Slaughter Plant.

Every year tens of thousands of horses find their fate here and are brutally slaughtered to supply the demand for horse meat across the globe, even though most Canadians are vehemently opposed to the idea of eating horse meat.

trailer jammed with horsesMany of these horses have endured an arduous journey from various points in the U.S. confined up to 36 hours in transportation in inclement weather without food, water or rest only to meet their fate in an adrenaline-filled death and slaughter. Other horses include Alberta’s wildies, family pets no longer wanted, race horses who are no longer winning and some are bred specifically for slaughter.

A recent Animal Angels investigation (March 2016) concluded that the conditions under which Bouvry operates remain an ongoing serious concern. Research has also revealed the negative impact of horse slaughter, that they are economically insignificant, and cause a stigma in the communities where they are situated. With your help we can be a voice for these horses, please sign petitions, write your MP, make phone calls, write the editor in your town about the atrocities of horse slaughter, share this event and try to attend this very important vigil – together we can make a difference!

The vigil will be held at the Bouvry Horse Slaughter Plant on Highway 3 from 1-3 p.m. this Saturday. Everyone is welcome.

Anita Virginillo

Lethbridge Animal Rights Effort

You can read the original posting here.


  1. Shirley Chalmers · ·

    I’m from the US and I’m so glad to see Canadians trying to stop it.

  2. I’m coming from saskatchewan Can j meet with someone wince I get there?   I have a daughter in Calgary will be staying the night tonight.  396 417 9922 Please call.Thanks vicki Grimard 

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  3. Did they purposely plan this vigil on the weekend of the largest horse show of the year, the Mane Event in Red Deer? They can certainly use that hypocrisy to their advantage but it may also prevent some people from attending the vigil. I will be there in spirit.

  4. You would expect this to be happening in 2016. But it is and people just for see or just font see because then they would have to do something yo help stop it so they font look or listen because it’s do bad they couldn’t live with them selves if by hey had to face it. Ignoring it won’t make it go way. Please everyone go there. Please save and stop horse slaughter. This is the most humiliation Canada will ever suffer. Doing noting is allowing it to keep going.

  5. No, humans generally don’t listen to anything if they do they forget about it in a week or two.
    Here in the U.S. the main culprit is the U.S. Senate which everyone that lives here is well aware of how crooked most of them are. They take bribes under the table and are wined and dined by donors that have helped block any anti-horse slaughter bills that was ever introduced this has went on for years with no end in sight. There is two bills setting gathering dust that will never see the light of day the Safe Acts S.1214 and H.R.1942. Its very discouraging.

  6. chris1055 · ·

    This cruelty and their trauma is lamentable beyond words. To think the Thoroughbred racing assn proudly announces that over 21,000 colts were born in 2013 just to have 20 race in the KY Derby is a crime. This “adrenaline” filled death is probably the worst ending to their lives. Hopefully, science will prove it to be toxic to humans besides all the bute and other other chemicals that are cancer causing. Will humans ever listen?

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