Hang a Halter

A movement is growing in Canada and the US.  It’s called Hang a Halter.  Here’s a beautiful video on it.
HangaHalter_FinalThis is a tribute to all equines who have lost their lives to the slaughter pipeline and to those who will lose theirs and to all the horse warriors out there fighting hard to end horse slaughter.

The Hang A Halter Campaign has raised many an eyebrow and elicited questions by folks who know nothing about horse slaughter.  Once it’s explained to them, they’re mostly shocked.13012847_246073805741771_4494281690472937444_n

Keep up with calls to your government representative and support one another.  Together we ALL can make slaughter history.



We will not back down until we have shut slaughter down.


A huge shout out to all who have hung their halters in memory of our equines and, please, if you can, take a photo of  your halter on your vehicle and send either to the CHDC or post on the Facebook group shown below!




  1. Ed Duran · ·

    I will be hanging a halter on my vehicle for the lost horse souls of human stupidity.

  2. Just BRAVO to everyone and this idea.!

    * * * May the words be heard & the evidence be shown. * * *

  3. Sharron R · ·

    Where can I get a used halter to hang on my vehicle?

    1. Cheryl Newcombe · ·

      I can mail you one if you email me

      1. Sharron R · ·

        Thank you so much. Where can I privately send you my email or address?

  4. Anne Streeter · ·

    Great idea!

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