Canada’s Horse Meat Exports 2015

DSC04929The exported horse meat statistics for 2015 have been released.  The attached PDF comprises 5 pages.

The first page shows the dollar value of horse meat that was exported in 2015.  Sadly, the value of horse meat increased over 2014.

Page 2 shows the top countries Canada has exported horse meat to.

Page 3 shows the % of increase and decrease in exports.

Page 4 has the amount of horse meat exported to the United States.  Only one state appears in the report and that’s Nebraska.

Page 5 has the numbers for 2014.



  1. Is this intended for human consumption in NB or the US? Or is it for big cats at zoos?
    There is an absence of funding for horse slaughter inspectors in the US (TY Prez Obama!), but what is to prevent someone from shipping horsemeat into the US, and selling it?

  2. Stop the meat industry. Number one contributor to pollution and degradtion of water, soil and air. Adapt to and embrace the vegan life and educate others. We will win but it will take everyone against slaughter to take that step and enocurage others to do the same. Horsemeat is an extension of cattle, exotic feeds. Eating the flesh of another is degrading to the nonhumans and to humans.

  3. Catherine Walston · ·

    So very sick and if more folks would take action it will never stop.
    Horses will end up if not already in our America food supply. This needs to be stopped for so many reasons. For #1 horses are not for human consumption. #2 Horses are not for slaughter for no reason. #3 It will make our America sick.
    #4 Most of all they are our America They need to be protected. The horses do matter in the world. So Please do not let this happen no more join The Campaigns all over Join The #SafeAct S1421 HR1942 be a load voice and fight about it.
    one more thing it would help if we made a law on back yard breeding so many other horses out there have a chance for a home. So kill buyers do not scoop them up. And them Big horse haulers have no horses to haul to the boards for slaughter. We need to close the boarders so they cant do so. And BLM set our wild horses free.
    Give them there our lands back to them…

  4. Makes me Sick!!!!

  5. Samantha · ·

    It is still astronomical, but it looks like the export volume (quantity) is down. Looks like price per lb or kg is up. Hopefully the price will continue to go up, which will decrease demand and hopefully supply will follow. It is a small move in a good direction, but still horrible.

  6. Probably bought up by Central Nebraska Packing, Inc. a meat supplier for zoos: “Nebraska Brand Frozen Exotic Carnivore Diets – feline, canine, and bird of prey formulas. We offer both horsemeat and beef based carnivore diets and bones. ” However, with the removal of Country Of Origin labels on our food, who’s to say horse meat won’t wind up in the human food supply here in the US? Just like the scandal over in Europe…

  7. did the price per pound increase from 2014 in 2015 to account for the increase in the value? we here in the US, were hearing that the price had increased to almost a dollar (US) per pound but that was only for a short time period shortly after the EU ban with Mexico went into effect but we could not find any actual proof that it did.

  8. NoSlaughter · ·

    So much for the Omaha Steaks! Seeing Nebraskas’ on the Import list Now I wonder about that!

  9. I live in the US and it looks like some company in the US is importing horse meat from Canada. I believe it is the U.S. zoos that are feeding it to their big cats. Of course there are fools here that buy or order it. I doubt the killing of horses will ever be stopped.

  10. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    F them!

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