“Horse Supply” numbers from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada released

Kill box - LPN - discarded halters

Kill box – LPN – discarded halters

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have released the “Horse Supply” numbers for 2015.  We have both the English and French versions available.

To summarize:

At 67,946, 2015 is up 1.8% over 2014 for horses slaughtered in Canada.

Imports from the US have changed little over 2014 with a slight increase of 0.6% which has 60% of the horses slaughtered in Canada coming from the US.

A welcome decrease was seen in live exports to Japan, which is down 18.7% over 2014.


  1. Deana Buckner · ·

    Stop the horse slaughter the meat with contamination is not for humans to eat!

  2. Large breeding facilities, so many back yard breeders and people who don’t take horse ownership as a life long commitment are the reasons there are so many horses being killed. Not having a slaughter house in the US, is why horses are stuffed into big trailers, suffering injury and sickness along the way. If you can’t afford the cost to euthanize your old horse, then you shouldn’t have a horse.

  3. Canada has $$$ in mind, wicked industry. Japan is importing from other sources, maybe Bulgaria, Italy & Russia, where I think horse is being bred and raised as a food animal. This eliminates the toxin problem. My heart is for the horses.

  4. Zig Pope · ·

    All those “Christian” horse owners in the US literally using their blood to squeak out a few more pennies out of them before they die. How long are we going to let those people get away with calling themselves children of God and then torture Gods’ creatures in the next breath?

    Just saying.

  5. Please stop the slaughter of horses. They are not meant to be eaten and this is cruel and inhumane. Thank you

  6. Hope one day to have no more horse slaughter at all for all horses in any state and country.

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