UPDATE: Kootenay Collie Rescue looking for adopter for 20 year old Arabian stallion


There has been an update:  “Quick update, hail bop is now at panorama vet clinic in winfield bc, the Old Friends Canada crew went and picked him up today, he was awesome. if people would like to contribute they can do so in either of two ways direct to the vet clinic – for vet costs. and or through oldfriendscanada@gmail.com. the clinic has been advised people may wish to donate for vet care directly so simply mention old friends canada and Hail bop”


There has been lots of sharing on Facebook about this horse’s situation, which is great to see.  The Kootenay Collie Rescue has been tasked with looking after re-homing this beautiful, 20 year old boy and is still taking requests from potential adopters.  Please go to their Facebook page for more information and updates.




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