ALERT!  CFIA Resorts to Bullying Tactics Against Horse Rescuer

Theresa Nolet is renowned for her tireless horse rescue efforts in the area of Penticton, B.C.  A Good Samaritan for animals, she rehabilitates and cares for horses on her own property.  Some of the horses she has looked after have wandered into her yard from First Nations properties.  She has fed, groomed, and given necessary medications to those animals needing a helping hand.

Photo: Global TV

Loose horses – Penticton BC Photo: Global TV

But not everyone understands acts of kindness.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recently took issue with Theresa’s timely interventions which included, as a first aid response, administering veterinary drugs to suffering free-roaming horses on her own land.  To the agency, it’s all about safeguarding the food supply and horses are a part of that lucrative picture.  Any threat to profits and some CFIA henchman pulls on his big boots and resorts to intimidation tactics against someone who simply wants to do what is right.

Alleging that Theresa purposely gave the horses phenylbutazone (a drug prohibited from entering the food chain) in order to exempt them from slaughter, the CFIA complained to the RCMP.  A member of the force then called to talk it over with Theresa.

wild horses

Photo: Theresa Nolet

Read the whole CBC story here,   As well, you’ll find a good editorial here.

So what the CFIA is really trying to say (while seeking the support of law enforcement) is that nothing stands in the way of the slaughter industry.  Kindness and animal welfare concerns must take a back seat.  Well-meaning people cannot administer drugs to horses who enter their own land and are clearly suffering.  Because those horses might someday end up on a dinner plate and that’s what really counts, right?

If the agency truly wanted to keep food safe, they would prohibit horse meat from entering the food supply, period.  Horses move into the slaughter pipeline from a myriad of directions, change hands numerous times, are often “covered” by falsified Equine Information Documents (which attempt to track the drug histories of slaughter-bound horses) and their flesh can contain any number of contaminants, including phenylbutazone and other drugs with lifetime prohibitions.  The CFIA tests a paltry .42% of horse meat samples for the presence of drugs.  Considering all this, the concept of safe horse meat is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Instead of sending an RCMP officer to confront a horse rescuer, why didn’t the CFIA concentrate on the real problem – First Nations horses being permitted to roam free with no guarantee of what they have encountered or consumed during their lifetimes, as no one has been keeping track of their whereabouts?

We feel that the actions taken by the CFIA show a shocking transgression of human rights, an attempt to trample the inherent yearning within each one of us to do the right thing and help alleviate suffering.  What the agency has done is unconscionable.  They are trying to prevent other caring people from treating horses who need help – so that more can go for slaughter.  As documented, they have attempted to bully a compassionate citizen into inaction by using the RCMP as a pawn.

If you feel as violated as we do on behalf of Theresa Nolet and the horses she has tried to protect, please take action now.  Send polite e-mails to the following contacts, asking them when Canada is going to ban horse slaughter on the grounds that horse meat will never be safe.  Horses have not been raised as food animals.

The CFIA can threaten, bully and call the RCMP any time they want to.  But the Good Samaritans of our country are not likely to go away any time soon.  They will continue to do what is right and it is up to the government to recognize and accept the fact that kindness and compassion will always prevail.

Dr. Harpreet Kochhar, Chief Veterinary Officer, CFIA –

Dr. Martine Dubuc, Chief Food Safety Officer, CFIA –

Please c.c. the following:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau –

Hon. Jane Philpott, Minister of Health –

Your own Member of Parliament can be found here:

Thank you on behalf of the horses!



  1. Pam Evely · ·

    First of all, these horses should be confiscated if the “owners” aren’t taking care of them, and they should be billed for any care they need. Also, males should be gelded so they don’t reproduce, and good homes found for those not being looked after. Secondly, why does the taxpayer funded RCMP have time to harrass someone doing the right thing, when the government can’t seem to afford to enforce their own laws concerning the transport and slaughter of horses, both from Canada ans the US? This government doesn’t act any different than the previous one, when it comes to disregarding the majority who do not want horse sslaughter, instead protecting the interests of a few psycho horse murdering corporations. I really hope enough people get sick and die from eating horses that it is stopped once and for all. With no outlet, the bad overbreeders will have to get out of business, no matter how stupid they are. Obviosly, just democracy isn’t going to get it done, unless we can diguise the horses as Syrian refugees, then the government won’t be able to do enough for them.

  2. The “double standard” MUST STOP! If horses were to be declared as “food animals” and subjected to the same standards then it would not be lucrative to raise them for such, due to the expenses. So we must demand that they be declared as “companion animals”, unless some twisted individual wants them raised for food then they’ll have to pay a hefty price for it and test them for no harmful drugs. Yes agreed Governments are corrupt!

  3. I live in the US and I agree with tiggy about not much difference between Canada and the US as far as the treatment of horses and all animals. Both governments are corrupt when when it comes to preventing animal cruelty I doubt that any thing will change anytime soon.

  4. Christine · ·

    If it was me I’d give everyone of thr Bute and tell them and hope that keeps them safe. if not hopefully make those who dine on these beautiful soles ill. Payback.

  5. sure is sicking, what id the world coming too.?

  6. Glenda Steinley · ·

    I wrote my letter as suggested and encourage others to do same plus share/request others to do. We all know that a high percentage of horses have been treated with the banned drugs-in fact, the drug of choice for most and probably recommended by most Vets as well. Thus, it can be guaranteed that the majority of domesticated horses entering slaughter plants are considered unsafe meat for human consumption-that is what the global consumers of horse meat need to know. Is it time to start a petition via Change or one of the global petition sites that might bring more attention to this cause or it there other ways to bring attention to the facts?

  7. We should all write to the Canadian Govt. and ask them if they know how many race horses are coming into Canadian slaughterhouses every week from the USA…what a joke to harass this woman for giving them “veterinarian drugs”…We appreciate any efforts to save horses from the slaughterhouses and our combined governments…all about the money…

  8. Why does the Canadian Government think it is okay to eat anything that Walks, Swims, Flys, or Crawls? This Government is as bad as the United States when it comes to Animals both Domestic and Wild.

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