New CHDC Communication Tool!

Do you want to reach out to horse people in your community about saving horses from slaughter?


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If so, we’ve created a new communication tool that helps open the dialogue – a handy postcard that encapsulates the issues and encourages others to find out more and get involved.

While the CHDC works behind the scenes to strategize for MP support, there’s still lots of work that can be done on the community level to help others understand the risks facing horses and that no horse is safe.

If you’re committed to handing out 10 or more postcards we’ll send them to you at no cost!

They can be distributed at horse shows, equine expos such as the upcoming Can-Am conference in Markham, Ontario, at horse barns and to fellow horse owners.

Create a relationship at your local feed store or tack shop and ask if they will leave some out for people to take.  There are all kinds of options – each community has its own opportunities!

Please send your name and address to  Your confidentiality is assured.

You can also print, copy and distribute our flyer  which has more detailed information and talking points.

Thanks for your continued support for our horses!

Your friends at the CHDC

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    I would love to help and can distribute the post cards up and down Vancouver Island.

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