Ag Department’s New Chief of Staff Has Close Ties to Ag Industry

In an article posted by Animal Justice, they tell us that “Canada’s new agriculture minister has announced his chief of staff:
Mary Jean McFall, whose family owns one of Canada’s largest egg producers—Burnbrae Farms—and who used to serve as a board member of Egg Farmers of Ontario.”

…….”Burnbrae has been under fire from animal protection groups in recent years. In 2012, Burnbrae was the subject of a consumer protection complaint filed by Animal Justice for its use of the term “Nestlaid” to describe eggs that were not laid in nests. The complaint alleged that the premium-priced eggs were from hens living in crowded, cramped wire cages that did not meaningfully differ from the industry norm, and that the term was misleading for consumers.”


Summerview feedlot – Alberta

This causes one to wonder how these types of appointments will bode for our horses.

Please read this important article here.


  1. I live in the US and there are major companies that are in the process of change from cages for laying hens to free roaming probably indoors along with having nest boxes to lay their eggs in. I saw some photos of one chicken ranch that had already changed over along with major companies that will not keep female pigs in the tiny holding pens just big enough to stand in or lay down. So the US is making some progress its to bad that the crooks in Congress refuses to pass the Safe Act that would stop any horses from being sent to Canada for slaughter.

  2. Many equines are imported to Canada from the United States. As an American I would like to educate those eating our Horse meat. First, our equines are not raised as a food source. This means that American horses are given 1 of 126 pharmaceuticals which are banned by the FDA in food animals. If you think the certificates signed at the border are legimate, think again!! NOT!! 99.9% of horses meeting their demise in your country are not free from drugs. Good luck in eating those cancer burgers!!

    1. The majority of the horse meat goes to markets outside of Canada. A very small percentage is sold in the province of Quebec and some specialty shops elsewhere but Canada is not a horse eating country. The CHDC and horse advocates in Canada are well aware that the EID documents are fraudulent. In Canada it’s the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, under who horse slaughter falls, to ensure that any horse meat leaving Canada is safe for human consumption. We have published many reports about the failures of the CFIA when it comes to horse slaughter which can be found on this blog. In the search field key in CFIA. Also, the EU, the major market for horse meat, have banned horse meat from Mexico for a variety of reasons yet they still accept horse meat from Canada even though they know full well that the horses come from the US. We are left wondering why….

  3. Anne Streeter · ·

    A clear conflict of interest!! Simply not right!

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