UPDATED: Year end statistics for horses slaughtered in Canada 2015

Updated statistics to December 2015

US horse in kill box - Les Viandes de la Petit Nations 2011

US horse in kill box – Les Viandes de la Petit Nations 2011

The final numbers for horses slaughtered in Canada have come in and can be viewed here.  For 2015 67,894 horses met a grisly end in Canadian slaughterplants.  That’s a 1.6% increase over 2014.

The stats showing the number of US horses brought to Canada for slaughter are not available at the moment but when they are we will publish those too.


  1. Horse Slaughter.. The US Government needs to quarantine and challenge horses leaving the country in truck loads.. Hello???? We have secured boarded lets use them.. If there were limits on how many horses can be exported done deal. at least the demand/amounts would decrease and the price per horse pound would increase and that the end of it. I eat meat and love me.. but I don’t eat a PET. Eating your best friend is WRONG. Eating DOG/CATS is illegal for that reason.. Lets save the equine..We do not have strong lobbiest for equine. That is where we fall short. I never see Marches to save the Horses! If you shot a opposite race person.. Yes you can March and be heard.. But the horses are silenced. Save the horses

  2. Thank you to Everyone who helped or helped by sharing to get my former(always) love Target out of a terrible heartless place-Peek-a-Boo Ranch in Kirkfield Ontario. She was very thin with a jaw puncture(possibly from the halter). The owner Helene Evans knowing my love for T tried to extort $3,000 out of me with the threat of sending her to auction. Huge thanks and appreciation to Robin Wright and Arabian Re-Homing Group who posted an ad which was seen by Dara Fritz, the now lucky person to be owned by Target!! No words sufficient enough to thank you all for your help and compassion to save this beautiful girl.

  3. David Linley · ·

    It would seem that the agricultural dept. of Canada and the U.S. need to come to a mutual agreement about these animals . Killing them is not a solution , they should be offered to ranchers out of the country or even their own country first . If that becomes a dead end advertise on some form of media . Killing these animals is a shame and a crime .

  4. Billie looks like you have some solutions for homing the SE Arabian in the thread conversation. If not please contact me on Facebook and I will be happy to help you find a home. Please make sure you get references from the people. https://www.facebook.com/ghostfleetfarm

  5. Laurie Dube · ·

    Billie, contact this woman here, her name is Robin Wright she is an expert in rescuing Arabs. She is located in the States, however I am sure she knows contacts in Canada as well. This is the link for her facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ghostfleetfarm?fref=ts

  6. Laurie Dube · ·

    Billie, contact this woman here, she is in the States but is an expert in rescuing Arabs, her name is Robin Wright, I am sure she will have suggestions for you even in Canada. This is her facebook page link. https://www.facebook.com/ghostfleetfarm?fref=ts

  7. These slaughter statistics are staggering. So unnecessary, stop breeding.

  8. sosbaiji · ·

    2 and 3 are closer to Beaverton than 1. I would try those two.

  9. Billie,
    If you can get her to northern Connecticut I will take her. I’ve got 4 geldings now n I’m looking for a mare. You can text me directly at 860-593-4298. I can give you vet references and you an check out my Facebook page…Susan fitzgerald Mitchell

  10. Please check out the rescues listed on CHDC website http://defendhorsescanada.org/rescue-centres

  11. So sorry I forgot 1 digit in the tel number for the horse rescue in Ontario It is 905-768-9951 Call first thing in the morning and get a message asap on their face book

  12. Wish I could help more but all I can think of is to give you some info on a horse rescue in Ontario

    Whispering Heart Horse Rescue 905-768-995 Email whhro8@gmail.com I am sure if you called them they would help you and /or connect you with some people who can I believe they are on Facebook so you can connect with them there Just google them

    Talk to Brenda Thompson They are based in Hagersville Ontario

    I am sending you my prayers and good energies that the help will be there asap for you and your beloved horse All the very best

  13. There is a lovely quiet Foundation Egyptian Arab mare that needs to be picked up in Ontario and taken to a rescue anywhere. I will pay all costs just to get her out before they ship her to auction and slaughter. I rescued her years ago and now the people who were supposed to keep her as a companion have informed me that they will send her for meat if she doesn’t go. I will pay for trailering etc but I am stuck in BC on family business and can’t get back. Someone please help me help her.

    1. Marilyn Wilson · ·

      If you’re on Facebook you could post there.

    2. I have someone interested in helping with a home for your Arab.

      1. Is there a number that I can call ? Or they can email me. Thank you very much.

      2. I will get an email or number for you.

    3. sosbaiji · ·

      Please post the above message on these FACEBOOK SITES: I have visited 1 and 3 and they are fantastic kind places! I hope to visit 2 tomorrow.

      1. Last Chance Horse & Pony
      Rescue and Sanctuary – Crystal Beach, Ont.

      2. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, King City, Ont.

      3. The Horse Sanctuary at Stonegate Farm, Coldwater, Ont.

    4. sosbaiji · ·

      Where is this horse now?

      1. In the vicinity of Beaverton

      2. sosbaiji · ·

        Thank you. I hope you posted your message on the above 3 sites. You never know they might be able to help out.

    5. The person who is able to give your horse a home has actually commented above. Her name is Susan. She left her number so you can reach her.

      1. Unfortunately I can’t ship her to the US so it will have to be someone in Ontario. Thanks very much for your help with this

      2. Have you talked to anyone around your area yet that will be able to help you? I really am hoping for the best for your Arab. I wish there was more I could do.
        I know you are unable to ship to the US, but have you tried to contact Susan. I do not personally know her, but I feel she has the horses best interest in mind. Hopefully some of the rescues noted will be able to help in some way.
        Keep me informed if you can.

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