Canada’s multi-million dollar horse meat industry might be on the verge of change

The CHDC’s Executive Director, Sinikka Crosland, was interviewed for this article on

horse-meat-no-text-2“Canada’s multi-million dollar horse meat industry has been described as a dirty little secret, though one that’s not been very well-kept given the regular cropping up of news stories in recent years. Canada slaughtered 66 651 horses in 2014, in five slaughter plants across the country (two of which are in Alberta). Nationally, Quebec is the biggest consumer of horse meat, though you can find it in small pockets throughout the country—typically in European delis;  the vast majority of Canada’s horse meat is exported to Europe. Statistics Canada reports that Canada’s total horse meat exports bring in roughly $80 million per year. (Comparatively, Canada’s beef exports for January to September 2015 alone were well over $1.6 billion.)”

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  1. Mary Croft · ·

    Thank you….very informative and disturbing.

  2. Disgusting! There is absolutely NO reason for horses to be slaughtered for food! No surprise that Quebec is the Province that ingests horses and does the slaughtering! U.s. Horses are sent through Quebec to be slaughtered.

  3. Anne Streeter · ·

    Excellent article – a keeper for educating the new government.


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