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l 143Several years ago the CHDC was pleased to assist Tierschutzbund Zurich (TZ) and Animals Angels (AA) in locating the hidden Alberta feedlots belonging to Bouvry Exports.  This helped enable TZ & AA to further expose the horrific conditions in Canadian feedlots.

We have received the following news from TZ this week:

“We have great news from Switzerland: GVFI International, the largest Swiss importer of horsemeat, has announced that they will stop all horsemeat imports from overseas before the end of the year.

In GVFI’s communication to their customers, they say that because of irregularities in the traceability of horses that had been slaughtered in Uruguay, they have decided to only import meat of horses whose traceability is guaranteed by a microchip and equine passport, which is the case in Switzerland and the EU.

The GVFI was not willing to explain to the media what irregularities happened, but we think that the smuggling of horses from Brazil, which we informed them about, and the slaughter of mares from PMSG farms were decisive factors.

 Attached you will find the customer information of the GVFI as well as an article that appeared in the Swiss newspaper “Tagesanzeiger” on the 7th November. This morning, there was a radio report including an interview with our board member York Ditfurth

Bouvry and the large EU import companies now lose an important customer. GVFI was a main player in the international trade with horsemeat and was supplied by Equinox Belgium (Lamar – Argentina), S.N.V.C./Groupe Harinordoquy France (Clay – Uruguay), Bouvry (Alberta and Québec) and maybe others.

We will keep up the pressure on the EU Commission to ban all horsemeat imports from overseas.”

Further information can be found here.



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  1. i just saw a restaurant review in toronto NOW magazine. one restaurant has horsemeat (Parcae). can someone send them literature?

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