The Dawson Creek Horse Auction – A Supporter’s First-Person Account

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Dolly and Crumpet at the Dawson’s Creek Auction

Hubby and I had been thinking about finding a new mare since the passing of our 37 year old a few months ago. Our senior Percheron draft horses were looking a bit down, and after reading Joe Camp’s book – The Soul of a Horse – I was thinking that the herd might be happier with a mare. I heard about the Dawson Creek Auction – and thought I would join the Facebook site which had formed a few days before.

I called the Auction house on the Friday before and found out that I could bid through a “fieldman” that they only took cash or cheque, and that the hauler could pay that at the time they picked up. The girl in the office also assured me that I could board there for $4.00/day. She took down my name and number and said she would assign a fieldman to me. One girl from the Facebook site said that she would drive to the auction and take photos to post with hip numbers so that others could bid them.

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Meet ‘n’ Greet – Dolly and Crumpet meet the other residents

The next day she started to post photos and I took one look at the Palomino mare and her 3 month old foal and that was it – that had to be my new horse. I didn’t know at the time that she was pregnant. I called the Auction house again and they assured me that Ron was my fieldman, he had my number, and he would call me – but he never called.   What Ron did do was pass my cell number on to a random rancher at the auction who kept calling me about selling his horse! I finally insisted that Ron call me, and when he called he told me that I lived too far away. He refused to take my bid because I couldn’t keep any horses boarded there since cows were coming in – and also said that I had no way to pay. I went back to the Facebook page and posted “I failed – I give up” – in a moment I got a private message from a gal at the auction – she said “e-transfer me your highest bid and I’ll do what I can” – the next message I received said “Got the mare $450” – and then a pause – I could not breathe – then I saw “got the baby $300” and then I just started to bawl – another message right after said “I think she’s pregnant” – I kept breaking into tears for about a week, and I don’t even know if it was because I was so happy to have won the bid, or if I’m so affected by the injustice and horror that I had to witness. Other people were posting and posting that no one would help them.  One gal was posting that the auctioneer was just ignoring her bids and staring at the kill buyer. Others were stating that the auctioneer was just mumbling the numbers and then waving them through to the kill buyers.  People were desperately trying to buy babies and others from the kill buyer the following day, but he said the paperwork had been done. I was told that 80% of those 770 horses went to the kill buyer.

The next day someone posted a picture of the horses which were shipped, and I just kept bursting into tears at various times throughout the day, especially about a Palomino mare with braids in her hair.  I don’t usually cry, but I’ve been an absolute mess since this experience.  I lucked out to find an amazing hauler in Doug Nord, who brought them as far as Abbotsford.   The second haul was then done by Trish at Crofton Transport – another awesome company to deal with.

The mare’s name is Dolly.   She is 8 yrs old and her foal is now named Crumpet – 3 mos. auction horses3old. Dolly is due again in June/July. It was a nasty situation to think of what may have been, as we witnessed pregnant mares and foals bid on and taken by the kill buyers.   The good that arose from the dust was that in one single day I got to know more people that I admire and respect, than I’ve been able to meet in a while.   The gal who bid for me, the gal who boarded them for me, the people who hauled for me, and my horses’ ride-share buddy Elmer the Clydesdale, and his owner.

When they arrived, I learned that they were not touchable. I had heard they were “shy.” I think they may have been on a range – possibly in a herd of 100 horses and among some 65 brood mares. Luckily for me they don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. As they say – “the teacher will arrive when the student is ready” – and like magic I met Liberty Horse Trainer Heather Nelson.

In the short three weeks they have been here I am already able to brush both horses head to tail – we’re ready for halters now… I’m so proud of them both. They may be carrying something from the past and I’m definitely trying to project into the future, but the liberty training brings us all into the present moment.   I have no question that it was just meant to be.


  1. Harmony Acres · ·

    How can we get involved in bringing one of them home from future auctions?

  2. Horse lover ! · ·

    The palomino with the braids wa bid by phone for 500. She was in foal. They took her for meat for 450. And ignored the phone bid with feild man . This was a common issue that day. We called and made complaints tried to get it sorted but they didn’t even return phone calls . Why ? Well, do you think they really care if lil honey with the braids gets slaughtered? of course not because she is worth more $$$ than 500. for meat !!!!! this is a business a s business runs to make money bottom line . Many horses were bid higher by private buyers and went cheaper to the the (meat man) or should I say Auction really. That’s the new wave of the auctions people . Gone are the days the grand kids grew out of the pony so you took it to the local auction on the weekend for a second chance. Theses horses are in high dams for meat and are worth way more than what the average Person will pay for them in Canada. You take your horse to an auction and chances are someone will be eating it. Wake up people ! We are supplying these horses to be tortured and eaten…demand and supply bottom line . Stop breeding …. They stop eating !

  3. slewsgirl · ·

    Thank you for saving them. Unfortunately, you paid way above meat prices and I believe you were taken advantage of by the person who took your money. It happens all too often in this process and so many people are just part of it to get their cut of the profits. Far better if you can go and bid on your own.

  4. Paula Leweke · ·

    I had the same horrible experience with ” Ron” the field man. The horses I wanted all sold to the kill buyer for less then my bids. I phoned Ron but went to voice mail over and over. After seeing so many gorgeous horses going to slaughter I realized that we need to fight the cause of the problem! Overbreeding and greed! Equine Canada supports slaughter. The horses that are sent in from the US adds to the problem. We need to get the ” old boys network” out! I will fight this injustice until I die. Just managed to save three horses at Beaverview Auction but it too was frustrating. I need to have boots on the ground next time myself.

    1. Horse lover · ·

      So many similar stories out there! Fact is they’d sell your beloved old grandma for meat too if they made a dime! Greed over decency ! Pathetic !

  5. Bless you for saving those you could – and there is a special place in Hell for those who allow this to happen when there are those ready and willing to give good homes.

  6. Brigit Paul · ·

    There should be a Legal representative, a voice for the horses at auctions with this many horses. The Legal representative should be able to bid on the horses that, families want, or that rescue agencies want. And keep the Auctioneer honest! It is a crime that these horses are going to be slaughtered. There must be laws in the Industry that can force Auctioneers to be fair towards all bidders. Unless it is a closed auction, or closed to outside bidders, all interested parties should have the right to bid on what horse(s), foals they want. Isn’t it the highest price buys the horse. Its a tough dirty game, and some aspects of the equine industry are as dirty as they come.

  7. I’m beyond thrilled for you and your new family! But my heart breaks and I’m sitting here crying for the beautiful, innocent souls delivered into hell…

  8. With 60% of the horses shipped to Canada for slaughter coming from the USA, you have to wonder how many could have been a beloved family member and pet for a kid someplace in the USA.

    The situation we have now in the USA is intolerable and solely due to longterm corruption.

    (End slaughter–click Tell the US Congress to pass The SAFE Act and The Past Act now, not later.)

  9. Dawn Krebser · ·

    Amazing story🙏🙏
    Blessings to you for saving them. For saving all three🙏🙏💖💖💖💖

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