Vigil for horses slaughtered at the Bouvry Exports Slaughter plant

08-Nov-15There will be a vigil held in honor of the 10’s of thousands of horses slaughtered for human consumption every year at Bouvry horse slaughter plant, the horse slaughter capital of Canada.

Many of these horses have endured an arduous journey from various points in the US confined up to 36 hours in transportation in inclement weather without food, water or rest. Other horses include Alberta’s wildies, family pets no longer wanted, race horses who are no longer winning races, some are bred specifically for slaughter etc. All of it completely unecessary!

This event will be weather permitting, please check here for updated information.


  1. This has been going on forever, I can walk into the IGA here or any grocery store (Quebec) and buy it right along side of rabbit, pig, beef, chicken, duck and many other types of meat. Shut down the slaughter houses.

  2. Denise Doyle · ·

    Despicable!!!!! Canada should be ashamed!! This is not my Canada!

  3. Cheryl Bowe · ·

    Canada is contributing to unregulated horse meat being distributed world wide for human consumption…..Horses brought in to Canada from the United States for slaughter are from diverse sources, not raised as meat animals……Race horses, sport horses and pet horses treated with drugs banned for use in meat animals are collected in the United States from race tracks, auctions, sale barns and back yards, then transported to Canada to be processed for human consumption…..Canada is poisoning the world’s food supply.

  4. Tonya Rankin · ·

    This is heartbreaking, when is enough going to be enough. They are tortured. They are not killed quick and humane. That makes what is happening evil and would assume illegal. Something needs to be done

  5. I do not understand why this has been going on for the years it has. The amount of horses that have endured mistreatment & torture so killer buyers can profit only to buy more. These people are cowards, they hide in the shadows at sales/auctions as to not be noticed to save face, WORKING FOR OTHERS PAYING THEIR WAY…. They are ruthless & have no conscious of what is happening before them because like them, no one steps in to change. Our horses have paid a price that no other animal will, and if in disbelief try & think of which one. We here in the US do not eat or could we fathom killing our horse as we would a cow, pig or chicken. But there are people that do live here & steal from others their pet, companion & overall friend to take out & butcher so they will have meat. People who sell at sales/auctions I whole heartedly believe it was not their intention of sending their horse to a slaughter house only to be on someones dinner table overseas…BUT…mares are bred & sold to killers for high price..2 for 1.
    Buying horses from sales/auctions are the way to go, not when the killers already have them & then jack the price 3X more than paid because they say the slaughter houses will pay that. When buying from the killpens it enables the killers to go & buy more, only for them too, to end up waiting to be shipped for kill.
    They travel through the night as to not stopped & checked. Papers falsified or maybe none at all. Horses fall in trailers only to be stepped on leaving them with broken legs, back, etc. ..none to the caring of the killer.
    Authorities know when they travel at night but have done nothing to correct all the wrong being done. Border patrol does not insist on checking thoroughly because again, non-caring.
    To every ones dismay, ALL horses are accepted to slaughter. A pregnant mare will foal only to have her baby taken & put in another pen, this ends her life by being shipped & slaughtered. The thousands of horses stolen every hour, day, month & year is unbelievable. They are not going as someones pet, they are $$$ signs in the eyes of the thief.
    SLAUGHTER NEEDS TO STOP …. there is no reason for it & for every reason not….should be why the slaughter houses be shut down.
    The cattlemen believe horses are destroying the grounds, but when horses are gone & cattle move in do they honestly believe the theft & slaughter in fields will stop..?? YES, a horse is easy to catch with grain, cows not so much, but a bullet works better. Any farmer that thinks their cattle will be safe is as dumb as the post he drives, but you can bet, no one will put up with it & authorities may act faster when other livestock is being killed in fashion as the horse.
    IF WE DO NOTHING….it means we condone everything the killers are doing, but will all pay the price one day. Killers know that one day their gravy train will come to a halt so they buy up as much as possible before it does. I can only hope everyone sees the wrong in all of this & we get the borders shut down for good & killers out of business, slaughter houses closed.

  6. Please end horse slaughter and protect Canadian & American horses from being slaughtered up here in Canada and horses being sent South to Mexico!
    It is time and the time is now to end horse slaughter!
    Please pass this!
    Thank you so much:)!!
    Carol Meek
    Horse advocate and animal lover..

  7. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    Wish I could be there. Sharing

  8. Linda Rawlings · ·


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