Time for Change, Time for Hope

Maries kidsA Liberal firestorm swept the country last night as voters joined a nation-wide effort to rid Canada of Stephen Harper’s dictatorial rule.  “Stop Harper” became a topic of conversation in the months and weeks leading up to one of the most memorable election nights in Canadian history.  Indeed, the voting public managed to put an end to a stubborn and frankly scary regime that appeared to be swallowing up more and more of our rights as Conservative policies were hammered into place over the years. 
Environmental and animal welfare concerns were definitely not on Mr. Harper’s to-be-considered list, and this fact reared its ugly head numerous times.  When Member of Parliament Alex Atamanenko introduced a bill that would have stopped horse slaughter, as well as the export of live horses for slaughter, the Conservatives were largely opposed.  Then, when Bill C-571 came up for a vote in May 2014, all but two very pro-active Conservative MPs voted against it.  Most NDP members voted in favour of the bill although, for some inexplicable reason, party leader Thomas Mulcair did not support it.  The Green party, admirably and predictably, stood in support of MP Atamanenko’s initiative. 
The most notable development, however, was a unanimous display of support by the Liberal party, headed by Justin Trudeau, who stood up without hesitation and cast his vote for Bill C-571.
This opens up the very real and exciting possibility that a political campaign to end horse slaughter in Canada will have a successful outcome under a Liberal majority government.  Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau showed strong support for ending horse slaughter in May 2014.  Will he remember the direction of his vote that day?
CHDC will make sure that he does.  In order to accomplish our goal, we will need your help. 
Over the coming months, we will work on finding a Member of Parliament to introduce proposed legislation similar to Bill C-571.  In the meantime, please watch for postings on what you can do, as a defender of horses, to build a desirable platform from which we can work collectively and build a solid political campaign to stop the slaughter of our horses.
We voted for change.  May that “change”, under new leadership, include a protective umbrella over the horses we fight to defend. 
May that change come soon.
Your friends at CHDC   
This link provides the complete vote details for Bill C-571:
This is the list of Liberals who voted for Bill C-571:
Mr. Scott Andrews  (Avalon)-   ran as independent
Mr. Mauril Bélanger  (Ottawa—Vanier)  re-elected
Ms. Carolyn Bennett  (St. Paul’s)  re-elected
Mr. Scott Brison  (Kings—Hants)  re-elected
Mr. Sean Casey   (Charlottetown)  re-elected
Mr. Irwin Cotler  (Mount Royal)  did not run
Mr. Rodger Cuzner (Cape Breton—Canso)  re-elected
Mr. Emmanuel Dubourg  (Bourassa)  re-elected
Ms. Kirsty Duncan  (Etobicoke North)  re-elected
Mr. Wayne Easter  (Malpeque)  re-elected
Mr. Mark Eyking  (Sydney—Victoria)  re-elected
Ms. Hedy Fry  (Vancouver Centre)  re-elected
Mr. Ralph Goodale  (Wascana)  re-elected
Mr. Ted Hsu  (Kingston and the Islands)  did not run
Ms. Yvonne Jones  (Labrador)  re-elected
Mr. Kevin Lamoureux  (Winnipeg North)  re-elected
Mr. Dominic LeBlanc  (Beauséjour)  re-elected
Mr. Lawrence MacAulay  (Cardigan)   re-elected
Mr. John McCallum  (Markham—Unionville)  re-elected
Mr. Phil McColeman  (Brant)  re-elected
Mr. David McGuinty  (Ottawa South)  re-elected
Mr. John McKay  (Scarborough—Guildwood) re-elected
Mr. Massimo Pacetti  (Saint-Léonard—Saint-Michel)  did not run
Mr. Geoff Regan  (Halifax West)  re-elected
Mr. Francis Scarpaleggia  (Lac-Saint-Louis)  re-elected
Ms. Judy Sgro  (York West)  re-elected
Mr. Scott Simms   (Bonavista—Gander—Grand Falls—Windsor)  re-elected
Ms. Lise St-Denis  (Saint-Maurice—Champlain)  did not run
Mr. Justin Trudeau  (Papineau)  re-elected 
Mr. Frank Valeriote  (Guelph)  did not run


  1. For us in the USA, this event comes as a real boost. Congratulations to all Canadians.
    If we in the US can work with Canada to stop the flow of our own horses into the slaughter pipeline, we have a chance to put real obstacles into the kill market.
    A stat I had was that 60% of the horses in the kill market in Canada came from us in the USA. That is a substantial percentage of horses which will not be going to Canada if Canada can find a way to remove this slaughter hell from its own country.
    I know Canada has the people for this work and is capable of a real victory, finally. If Canada can remove the slaughter industry, we in the USA have a better chance of eradicating the equine sales/killing market in the USA. The options for kill buyers in the USA and for the slaughter industry become so much more challenging re making profits.

    The White House is firmly anti-slaughter and that has not changed. Corrupt Congress members are our enemy and Congress must be forced to pass and The SAFE Act and The Past Act. Americans have work to do. Congress has turned a deaf ear to the American people. (www.USA.gov)

    If Canada can win this battle, Mexico and the USA can be focused on.
    With this welcome change in Canada, we can finally hope for more progress.

    1. Sorry–typo: “Corrupt Congress…must be forced to pass and enforce The SAFE Act…”

  2. I’ll do all I can to support this effort.

  3. Maria Jose · ·

    This is what I was waiting for!

  4. Charlotte Naff · ·

    Please put an end to this senseless slaughtering of our domestic and wild horses….horses lives matter….

  5. Kelli F. · ·

    This would answer so many prayers. We are ready for a change.

  6. Reblogged this on Comedyflyer's Blog and commented:
    With Harper GONE there is real hope horse slaughter will end in Canada. Justine Trudeau loves horses.

  7. Cheryl Bowe · ·

    God Bless you all……Thank you! “May that change come soon.”

  8. Margaret Langlands · ·

    This is so exciting – glad to help out if I can.

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