Canadian Horse slaughter statistics to July 2015 includes US horses imported for slaughter

Here are the slaughter stats for January – July in Canada.  These statistics include the total number of horses slaughtered in Canada to July as well as US imports to June.


Sugarcreek Auction Sep 2015. Photo by Susie Gordon, used with permission.

If you add the January to June total numbers of horses killed and then do the percentage that are from the US for the same time period, it comes out to 65%.


  1. jennifer · ·

    so bret smith maybe you said it…owning a horse is too expensive for most…what can we do to being the costs down? Or make it easier for ppl that truly want a horse…bring down the costs or maintaining a happy healthy horse…ex…boarding…equipment…hay…deliveries…vet…etc!! Maybe then we would put a dent in the SLAUGHTERHOUSES!! What do y’ all think? Here’s a good one why don’t we offer our services on a volunteer bases!! All of us…maybe even get our children involved (get them outside away from computers)…just a thought!!
    I’m in anyone else….I don’t want to see another horse slaughter EVER!
    Jenn x

    1. jennifer · ·

      sorry about the misspellings. Passionate subject!!

  2. pat dupree · ·

    uh , bret ? r u making payments on ur car ! on ur house ! if u have kids did u make payments on the delivery !!!! where there is a will there is a way bud
    . I have some rescues to prove it .dont discourage people and. cause an individual to die because some one could have made payments if they had been able to find a REAL human being who would accept payments . YOU know , so an individual who knows the sun in his face would have a chance to live his life out .

  3. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    Fight on mates never give up!

  4. Not right this crap has to stop. We have to stop poisoning people around the world with horse meat that is laden with medications harmful to humans.

  5. This is so sad. Horses do not deserve this.

    1. · ·

      WHY is this going on around us! so sad animals do not need to suffer! I want one so bad but no one will let me make payments! wow just to save 1 soul that might be worth saving just breaks my heart wish I was rich to save them all!

      1. bret smith · ·

        While I commend you for your devotion for the cause if you have to make payments for a horse then you cannot afford a horse.not being mean but that’s how some horses and up at the slaughterhouse

      2. Judith Samson-French DVM · ·

        I understand bret, but euthanasia on home ground is a decent option for the final goodbye.

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