New Video Footage Released Showing Canadian Draft Horses at Quarantine Station in Kagoshima, Japan

As a follow up to our August post on the live draft horse shipments out of Calgary, Alberta, new footage of the Kagoshima quarantine station in Japan is now being released.

This footage was taken in March 2015.  In the first segment we see video of horses on an Alberta feedlot, followed by footage of horses being unloaded from crates after the long flight to Japan. These crates are smaller than the average horse box stall.  These crates usually have three horses packed into them and they can have 4 horses packed in them which is contrary to Canada’s Health of Animals regulations.

Petition Atlas Air to discontinue live shipments

At the quarantine station, the horses are unloaded into a concrete, bunker-like quarantine station where they will stay for a few weeks before being taken away to be slaughtered.  In the background you can hear Atlas Air taking off, no doubt to return with another shipment of horses on their next flight from Calgary Alberta.


  1. Sheryl Barnes · ·

    Please stop this torture of sending horses overseas. What is wring with humans? Why cant we see they just want to be left ti live happy llivesz send them to a rescue

  2. Sara Thompson · ·

    This killing of wild horses has got to stop. It is already bad enough that we are killing ourselves. How would they feel if somebody chased them around with a helicopter and started shooting them down like they were sitting. Oh I forgot all they care about is getting money in their pocket. They don’t give a damn about nobody else but themselves. It is sad that we live in a heartless country with some sorry ass people that want to kill everything.

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