In-Depth Video on Horse Slaughter in Canada Today

The CHDC has uploaded a video that takes an in-depth look into the horse slaughter industry in Canada today.

The video is quite long but can be viewed in short segments if you wish.  We hope that horse supporters find it informative and that you can use some of the information contained in it.


  1. Donikash · ·

    Sadly, I think we will have to wait until Muclair or Trudeau sits in the PMO to get any attention to this matter and the plight of horses that find themselve in the slaughter pipeline in Canada. Vote this useless lot out! Archibald won’t be too far behind.

  2. Since I have been trying for years to help stop horse slaughter here in the US what is in this video is just the tip of the iceberg on the horrific cruelty of horse slaughter. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I sat through the first video taken inside a horse slaughter plant in the US. You sit in horror watching a helpless horse shot numerous times in the face until it falls and its body is pulled out of the kill box and the door slams as a another terrified horse is forced into the same place with blood all over the place. This is a business that has been kept from the public for decades for a damn good reason and what you just witnessed in the video is the reason. Every person out there that breeds horses is guilty of keeping this cruelty going in both countries. The breeders need a outlet for the foals they can’t sell so slaughter is it, these people don’t care anymore about the horses they over breed than the cattlemen do about the cows they send to market…its just a business. They write off the horses shipped to slaughter on their taxes as a loss. In the US the racing and numerous other over breeders like the Quarter horse industry hires lobbyists to make the rounds of the politicians offices in DC giving them donations for their reelection campaigns in the thousands of dollars if they refuse to support any anti-horse slaughter bill that was introduced like the two that are sitting in committee now gathering dust.

  3. Robin · ·

    They usually have a long list of people that want them. They go for thousands of dollars not cheap

  4. · ·

    Any idea what happens to the RCMP Musical Ride horses after their retirement? This August 7-8-9 my town (St-Lazare, QC) is sponsoring a horse event which will included the RCMP Musical Ride. Louise

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