Susan Wagner of Equine Advocates Interview

From left to right:  Susan Kayne, Bobby and Susan Wagner  Photo: Real Horse Rescues

From left to right: Susan Kayne, Bobbi and Susan Wagner. Photo: Real Horse Rescues

Our regular readers will know that we were honoured to present at the Equine Advocates Summit this past May at the beautiful Equine Advocates Sanctuary.  We were also fortunate to meet Susan Kayne of Real Horse Rescues TV.  Susan’s program, Real Horse Rescues, is a weekly program airing throughout the summer on WTEN, the ABC affiliate in New York’s Capital District.

Susan has filmed two episodes featuring Equine Advocates and interviews Susan Wagner, founder of Equine Advocates.

The first part is here and the second can be found here.

Equine Advocates web site
Real Horse Rescues




  1. Anne Streeter · ·

    Two excellent videos!!

  2. Yesterday, I spoke to a young new employEe in our law enforcement unit. He told me he and his girlfriend had been on a road trip to the coast. And stopped at a beach to eat lunch. He reported that they had watched a group of riders running their horses off the beach. One of the horses was limping, badly. The conversation eviolved from the superficial report of an afternoon to an exchange of information when I told him that rental strings usually end up being shipped out of the state, especially when injured. He looked ASTOUNDED. He did not know horses are slaughtered and was NOT happy about it.

    1. I am not happy about any horse going to slaughter, know the deep in side,feeling he got deep in side.

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