Debating the live draft horse shipments on CTV’s Alberta Primetime

Sinikka_Crosland_Primetime_ABIn a follow up to the CHDC’s release of footage of the live draft horse shipments arriving in Japan, CTV’s Alberta Primetime interviewed Sinikka Crosland and Jennifer Woods of J. Woods Livestock Handling.

You can view the interviews here.


  1. I am with you Anne and Starr she is only making money and does not care about the suffering of the horses. Shame on you jennifer woods and shame to canada government

  2. Jaz Zander · ·

    Asians are killing Dolphins, Dogs, Cats, Sharks with no mercy.
    They are responsible for driving so any species to extinction.
    Horses are NOT safe for Human consumption, that should be the END of it – no leeway!
    I don’t buy from these countries because of their cruelty…

    1. it is getting worst and worst for all the animals no animal is safe until the humans are around. Hope the humans will be soon extinct or destroy each other

  3. It’s not hard to take sides on this report. Jennifer woods makes her living by making sure horses are treated and slaughtered humanely. She does what she does because she hasn’t compassion or empathy and there fore anything she says is bs. How she can watch horses being crated for a long journey only to be send on the kill floor and not feel anything and then receives a paycheck is beyond heartless. Her words are useless because horses can not be humanely slaughtered. The 2 words can’t be stated in the same sentence.

  4. Anne I am with you & who thinks that slaughter is good for these horses, and being in crates?

  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    Lost a whole lot of respect for Jennifer Woods on all counts in that she seems quite satisfied with the crating, air shipment, treatment of horses & slaughter methods. She has been on kill floors & is apparently satisfied. How can that be when the secret videos taken in Canadian horse slaughter houses are beyond horrifying. I don’t know who pays her salary because it seems to be a waste of money. On the other hand, maybe not, in that she appears to be an acceptable apologist for the industry.

    1. I think someone is well lining her pockets, from my prespective she looked really nervous. I think she is full of it and don’t care two hoots for any animal, just the money she is making.

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