EU Audit findings on front page of Toronto Star

Canadian horsemeat not drug-free, European audit finds

By: Feature reporter, News, Published on Sun Jun 28 2015

BBEuropean Commission monitors have “serious concerns” about Canada’s ability to track health and treatment of horses.

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  1. Lets hope this continues on to the point where the plug is pulled on horse meat from Canada. No one knows how many people in Europe had been treated for serious illnesses that was caused by eating horse meat imported from Canada via the US. Unless a doctor actually suspected that was the cause none of them would even think about it. I would suggest that Canadians start telling their doctors about horse meat and suggest the MD’s start asking their patients if they eat it in light of the serious diseases eating horse meat can cause.

  2. Anne Streeter · ·

    The Harper government has cut back on CFIA inspectors when there were far too few in the first place. Inspectors are supposed to be on the kill floor in horse slaughterhouses but that is clearly not always the case as was confirmed in a quebec abattoir.

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