Canadian Quarter Horse Association Joins Industry Division of Equine Canada – The Agenda of the CQHA AGM Reveals Why…

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association has recently updated their website. The official welcome to their new page advises the visitor that their mandate is to “address issues of concern to Canadian owners of American Quarter Horses,”  and to that end they have partnered with the Industry Division of Equine Canada:

From the CQHA website:

“In keeping with this mandate, the CQHA joined the Industry Division of Equine Canada, which permits participation and a voice in the affairs of Canada’s only national equine body recognized by the federal government, to deal with issues and legislation affecting horse ownership. Some of these important issues are:

  • taxation, (including GST)
  • manure management
  • transportation
  • endangered species
  • animal health and welfare
  • a national identification system for horses
  • reportable infectious diseases
  • access to riding trails
  • border crossing barriers
  • riparian (water) rights
  • land management – municipal zoning – relating to horse numbers
  • other benefits of belonging to Equine Canada include potential access to significant Canadian government grants for promoting and marketing Quarter Horses.”

The CQHA left one very contentious issue off their official website welcome however. That issue of course, is the desire to ensure that the CQHA and therefore the AQHA have a voice to ensure that horse slaughter remains viable in Canada.  A closer look at the Agenda for the CQHA 2015 AGM held in Cambridge Ontario earlier this year reveals that the subject of horse slaughter is a topic of interest to them,  in addition to all the other issues mentioned above on the website.

From the CQHA AGM Agenda (page 2):

CQHAFurthermore, the AQHA/CQHA announced that funding will be provided to pro-horse slaughter Equine Canada via a sponsorship through MBNA Canada to pay annual affiliation fees. This membership benefit in EC includes the right to vote in EC Elections for the EC Board of Directors, through 2015. Of course,  voting for the EC Board of Directors is a vote for the continuation of horse slaughter in Canada.

We wonder why the issue of horse slaughter was specifically NOT included on the CQHA’s “Welcome” message on their new website.


  1. Lin Month · ·

    The Canadian Quarter Horse Association, with approval from the American Quarter Horse Horse Association and Government of Canada’s Equine Canada with the MBNA (a division of the Toronto Dominion Bank) as a sponsor, has as a part of it’s mandate the continuation of “humane horse slaughter” in Canada.

    THERE IS NO HUMANE WAY TO SLAUGHTER HORSES! Go film a horse slaughterhouse for a day — if you see anything “humane” it’s a miracle, see them coming off transport trucks with horrific injuries and count the ones lying on the transport floor with burst intestines from the stress. Or just watch the CHDC films.

    DO NOT BUY QUARTER HORSES as you will be supporting these people. In any case, almost all Quarter Horses have hooves too small for their grotesquely huge bodies and develop navicular disease as a result. Most of them have been ridden hard before their bones are set, which causes catastrophic bone problems later on.

    80% of Canadians want horse slaughter stopped. These people just don’t care.

  2. Lisa leBlanc · ·

    It’s astonishing to me how an overwhelming majority of the public in both the U.S. And Canada are actively against horse slaughter- yet we seem incapable of finding just the right amount of necessary magic to make this nightmare a thing of the past. I submit – if horse slaughter is so damn good for whatever purposes ( and I am aware of their ‘purposes’ ) these organizations claim, then why go to such astounding lengths to keep it hidden? Surely, if they can blithely send off an animal bred to be a companion, they’d have no qualms about publicizing their fall back, right?
    It isn’t a stretch to believe that, no matter how cold, underhanded and calculating these organizations are, they are still populated by cowards.

  3. Anne Marshall · ·

    This is confusing. So are they in favour of horse slaughter ?

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    1. Yes, they are, as are their American counterparts. They just don’t want to be too upfront about it on their “Welcome” page.

  4. This type of deceitful sneaky lies is what the Quarter Horse Association has pedaled in the US ever since they have existed. Most of the time they have never admitted to sending horses to slaughter but common sense and a look in the pens at a auction tells a far different story. They encourage over-breeding to collect registration fees just like they do in Canada. This organization in the US is one of the major reasons that horse slaughter went on for so long until congress was finally pushed to remove the funding for inspectors from the slaughter plants that were all set to start up their horse slaughter again. The few horse slaughter plants in the US had closed down because at least one of them was located in a state that had laws on the books( TX ) was the one that had banned horse slaughter but the law had never been enforced. As long as the politicians in both countries are paid off under the table and there is a market for horse meat it will never stop. I haven’t heard anymore about just what the EU is supposed to do about the adulterated horse meat that is going out to Europe via the US. Does anyone on this blog know what is going on with the EU?

  5. Mary-Joe · ·

    American and Canadians need to ban together and stop this.

  6. Dawn krebser · ·

    This requires immediate attention. Why did you deliberately leave out Horse Slaughter? Myself and the whole world and also your company is well aware of what is going on in the industry.

    So my question is are you gonna continue to ignore or help us fight this and stop the horse slaughter of our American Horses.. ????

  7. Anne Streeter · ·

    A very serious omission – obviously deliberate. It requires an answer!

    1. The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is on Facebook –

      1. Thanks Heather, yes everyone PLEASE put those comments about on their page!!

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