Announcing: The Launch Of The Canadian Veterinary Equine Welfare Council Website

CVEWCIn January the CHDC announced the creation of The Canadian Veterinary Equine Welfare Council.  Today,  we proudly present the website to support this initiative – the site/blog has been completed,  is live,  and ready for the world to view!  The site will be a tool that will help us fulfill our mission to tackle misinformation about horse slaughter while promoting humane alternatives to this inhumane industry.

Now,  we move onto the next stage in the development of the CVEWC – building a national group of veterinarians and other animal health professionals who are committed to the promotion of humane treatment of horses and to educate others about options for those horse owners who can no longer care for (or must end the lives of) their animals.  Veterinarians by definition are animal advocates, who strive to relieve suffering in any animal.  Collectively,  the CVEWC  will work to establish a greater presence amongst the veterinary community, animal care-givers, the general public, and government, to publicize our stance that Canada’s horse slaughter industry must end.

This week we head to the printers, courtesy of those generous individuals who donated to cover the costs of this national reach-out.  In the meantime,  supportive veterinarians and vet-techs are invited to  join and be a part of the growing chorus of veterinary professionals who are opposed to the mistreatment of horses through transport and slaughter itself.

The views of individual veterinarians should be more respected than any body that represents them. Here’s what 3 veterinarians have to say about the formation of the CVEWC and horse slaughter in Canada:

Dr. Judith Samson-French (BSc, DVM, MSc)

“All animals should be treated with respect and dignity, especially while in our service, and when needed and appropriate offered a humane death.

The current horse slaughter industry in Canada massively fails to provide the necessary regulations and oversight to fulfill the above.  As such and as a veterinarian who has worked on the kill floor, I vehemently oppose the current practice of horse slaughtering in Canada and endorse the efforts of The Canadian Veterinary Equine Welfare Council to engage everyone in an informed dialogue on this issue.”

Dr. Debi Zimmermann (BSc, DVM)

“As part of their mandate, veterinarians are entrusted with the prevention and relief of animal suffering and, the promotion of public health. It is incumbent upon veterinarians therefore, to take a stand on horse slaughter on two fronts; firstly to denounce this inherently cruel and brutal method as a humane option to deal with unwanted horses, and secondly, to protect human health from the prohibited and dangerous drugs that invariably end up in the tissues of many slaughtered horses destined for meat consumption.

I congratulate The Canadian Veterinary Equine Welfare Council for taking on this important issue and for providing a platform through which veterinarians can actively protect the welfare of Canadian horses.”

Dr. Nicholas Dodman (BVMS, DVA, DACVA, DACVB)

“I’m very pleased to learn that Canada is about to have its first equine welfare council of veterinarians. For years, I’ve been closely involved with U.S. based Veterinarians for Equine Welfare. We were established to bring like-minded veterinarians and animal health professionals together in a supportive group – people who are guided by their principles to ensure that the welfare of their patients is above all else.”

CVEWC – United for Equine Welfare in Canada




  1. Nancy McHardy · ·

    I have 2 rescued draft horses at my place. I only have 5 acres, but at least I gave these two a home and they in turn enjoy the children who come out to play with them, groom them and occasionally have a ride. The parents watch and have fun too. These horses are so grateful. They were a mess with their feathery legs when they arrived but are happy now. Thank you for your concerns and help.

  2. If this organization can join forces with the vets in the US like Dr. Dodman and prove without a doubt the dangers of anyone eating horse meat from the US or Canada it may turn the politicians in both countries around to the point of banning the slaughter of horses imported into Canada from the US and Canadian horses. The horse meat industry in Canada is worth millions of dollars it won’t be easy for the Canadian politicians to turn their back on that amount of money so it will be a fight to the death to stop the slaughter.

    1. The thing of it, though, is that the slaughter industry brings in very little when looking at industries that contribute to the Canadian economy. In 2012 it brought in $90 million, 2013 was $81 million and 2014 was $78 million for those who profit from it.
      The LIVE horse industry, on the other hand, was worth $9 BILLION to the Canadian economy. For some reason industry and government want to keep this wretched industry going.

  3. So glad to see this finally going ahead! Will be happy to help in any way I can.

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