Auntie Marie’s Homemade Muffins – Continuing the Legacy of Marie Dean

IMG_2932To most people, the word “legacy” connotes highly visible actions, like those made by wealthy philanthropists. But you don’t need to have your name on a library or the wing of a hospital to make an impact. A charitable legacy is built in life, and we all have a legacy to build and share.

We’re very touched that a kind supporter of IMG_2818the CHDC and friend of Marie Dean has chosen to continue a wonderful woman’s legacy. Auntie Marie’s Homemade Horse Muffins was a project that Marie herself began some time ago, always donating the proceeds to the CHDC.  Although Marie has passed away, sales from her muffins continue to support horses.

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Johnny and Candy - Marie's horses

Johnny and Candy – Marie’s horses

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