Update of 2014 horse slaughter statistics

DSC04966The final sad numbers are in for 2014.  You can view the table here.  To quickly summarize, the total number of horses slaughtered in Canada for 2014 was 66,651.  Of those, 40,140 or 60% were from the US.  Please see our previous posting for a more thorough breakdown.


  1. jennifer · ·

    Pro-slaughter supporters would like the masses to believe that the horses purchased for slaughter are “old” “useless” “lame” “crazy” “untrained” etc… these people fall into 2 categories a. They do not frequent horse auctions where kill-buyers purchase horses or b. They do and know better and are flat out telling you a bold face lie most likely because they are making money off of the slaughter pipeline.
    Two of the largest suppliers of kill horses are the american quarter horse who are Proud supporters of equine slaughter because they know the organization as a whole produces far more horses than they or any of us need and of course the thoroughbred racing industry is another industry famous for the number of horses who are sold to slaughter.
    A kill-buyer has one goal and thats to fill his truck. He is a special kind of individual who has an especially calloused black heart. He does not care if he fills his truck with a 2 yr old halter broke quarter horse, a mare who could very well give birth in-route to the slaughter yard, a well-broke hunter jumper school master, or a kid safe ranch horse. And trust me they are all at any given auction on any given night. Along with the miniature horses, the donkeys, the retired rodeo horse, the beloved pony of a crying little girl forced to sell, the drafts, the saddle-breds, and a dirty little secret most camps, whether it be ymca, boyscout/girlscout camps or summer trail riding barns dont like the kids or public to know all those kid broke horses that are so broke they can be trusted with the newest of riders…its not “practical” at the end of the season to overwinter them till the following spring. Most are loaded up and taken to auction each fall and all those beloved camp horses are happily bought up by kill-buyers.
    They dont want the sick or lame horses a sick horse may not survive the 3 day truck ride with no food and water and there are rules in place that a horse cannot be sold to be slaughtered if its limping and lame. And the thin starved horses ya know the ones that are “better off dead” the kill buyers dont want them either they take space on the truck with no real money to be made because they sell the horses by the pound.
    Those are just a few truths about equine slaughter. If you care about horses or even if you plain don’t like to be lied to or made a fool of by monsters take the time to educate yourself about what horses really end up slaughtered.

  2. erica · ·

    The sad thing that a lot good well trained horses are end in up in a slaughter situation

  3. Pro horse processing and proud of it….great nutritious meat!! Don’t give me the crap about tainted meat… ?no report of anyone dying or getting sick from eating it overseas!!!! Facts are we need a place to go humanely with old,useless,unwanted horses! You all must be Obama lovers!

    1. Anabopana · ·

      wow, with your philosphy, what are we going to do with you once you’re “old, useless, and unwanted”? Compassion is obviously not one of your virtues.

  4. Bobby Morrison · ·

    I love horse’s, dog’s and cat’s, but what about cattle? What are we supposed to eat? Does the bible tell us what we should eat? Please someone tell me. Who is going to pay for feeding these old, lame and unwanted animals? We need to know what the truth really is.

    1. Bobby, the Bible states that we should ONLY eat the animal that splits the hoof and chew the cud. Clean fowl, and clean fish. Clean meaning that they are NOT ones that clean the ground or the ocean floor. NO, NO examples*** No pig, crab, vulture, (all earth cleaning creatures)

  5. Why does congress sit on the Safe Act and do nothing…oh, there is money in it?! So they do nothing? All of these horses dead by butchering. And yet, still full of carcinogen poisons that we all know is not USDA or FDA approved to eat. People in other countries don’t have a clue about this? We desperately need to stop breeders from over-breeding and creating one of the biggest problems of too many horses (Quarter Horse & Throughbred Horse Associations are the two biggest problems). PMU mare industry needs to end because HRT drugs cause cancer and they know it! Yet they keep doing it. How many of these dead horses were stolen out of their very own pastures and dead the following week while their owners desperately looked for them? Yes, that is happening.

    1. Heather · ·

      Well stated!

  6. gwyn Jordan · ·

    I am very ashamed to say that Australia is a very large exporter of horse meat for human consumption. It is a vile industry that should never be and if ppl. Took responsibility for their animals it would not be. I can only hope that all ppl. That eat horse eat die a slow and painful death.

  7. Lisa Zalenski · ·

    This must stop – both the US & Canada must stop this practice

  8. The bBile states that animals should only be killed if suffering. We can slaughter for food, but horses were created for transportation and work. Stop the slaughter or you will lose your salvation.

    1. Correction, the bible states.

    2. Right and where exactly does it state that? Right there beside the perfect lamb slaughter for Passover or the bulls for sacrifices?

    3. donna · ·

      Where does God say that

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    Why is exporting horses for slaughter still legal?

  10. breaks my heart that people can sit down and order meal and say ill have horse medium well or ct steak rare it sickens me and I hope they choke and die on domestic animals anyone who eats dogs cats or horses should get an awful cancer or disase that’s very painful and lasts yrs until they die

    1. other animals are not household pets like cows pigs and chickens they are raised for feeding humans they are not that same as taking tonto or fido to the slaughter plant they also know whats being done is wrong they are smarter than humans think

      1. Clare · ·

        With all due respect, cows, sheep, pigs, in fact all animals sense and know when they are about to be slaughtered. We humans are arrogant in our mistaken belief that some animals are put here for our “consumption” or to do work for us as beasts of burden, and yet others to be our companions, There are countries/religions that consider cows to be sacred and others for whom eating dogs and cats is acceptable. It is hypocritical to promote torturing and eating some animals and holding others as “untouchable”. It should be a “no-brainer” that ALL ANIMALS have the same right to live their full lives as much as humans do!

  11. Karen Bastin · ·

    The sad horrible truth is difficult to read but also necessary to know. When I look at my 3 beautiful horse friends and then think of these beautiful spirits, my tears are many, but my willingness to keep trying to help save and bring awareness is stronger than the tears I have inside.

  12. Catlin Landriault · ·

    I am also heartbroken 😦 What are we doing????

  13. With the current political climate, this evil will continue. Sad to the horses & the future foals born.

  14. rcatheron · ·

    This rips my heart right out of my chest. Is there any chance of Canada adopting the freeze brand for horses that have been given Bute? https://m.facebook.com/FreezeBrandingProject?notif_t=page_invite_accepted&ref=m_notif

    Also, is there a breakdown by breeds slaughtered, like number of TBs, QH, etc, anywhere?

    1. Aprox 20% of US horses slaughtered are tb. I believe this stat came from a usda foi request. There are over 100,000 US horses slaughtered every year, between canada and mexico. The # of tbs slaughtered is very close to the number of tb foals born every year.

    2. Each US kill buyer must fill out two forms for the USDA. One is the VS 17-140, the other the VS 10-13. Both show the breed of horse the kill buyer is sending to slaughter. The USDA keeps track of the breeds the CFIA does not.

  15. Becky Nakamura · ·

    This is so wrong! It saddens me so much to think that people can be so heartless, so soulless as to kill these lovely creatures for money. It is a sad indictment of our society that money has so much power.

  16. laddieluv · ·

    Horrific!!! My heart bleeds!!! This simply must stop!!!

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