Amendment to previous post

On January 29, 2015, we posted a blog entitled “Kill Buyer Lalonde In Court For Failing To Provide Adequate Care To Animals.”

The blog post indicated that Jonathan Lalonde, an Ottawa-based kill buyer, appeared in court on January 9, 2015 to answer to animal welfare charges, specifically, “permitting distress and failing to provide adequate standards of care for a horse and a bull in his care.”

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition retracts that statement. Mr. Lalonde did appear in court on January 9, 2014, to answer to animal welfare charges laid against him in 2013. However, the charges were withdrawn on May 29, 2014.

Publishing the incorrect date of January 9, 2015 instead of the accurate date January 9, 2014 was an inadvertent error. We apologize to Mr. Lalonde for the error. We have removed the blog post in question.