Spa Creek Ranch in B.C Producing Mare’s Milk Skin Cream and Shampoo

Warmblood Mares milk

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As per an article in the 2012 Canadian Warm Blood Breeder’s Digest,  Spa Creek Ranch,  located in Salmon Arm British Columbia,  is producing horse milk products.

According to their website:

“Mare’s milk is closer in compounding to human milk than to for instance [sic] to cow or goat milk.

This is so because a horse is not a ruminant, isn’t susceptible to most
diseases the ruminants can get, and is just a completely different animal.

We used unpasteurized, pure mare’s milk for this cream, so that all the
beneficial substances in the milk are kept intact.

In Europe, unpasteurized mare’s milk is used for health purposes,  because our skin is our largest organ, it penetrates through the skin and helps that way.”


“Horse milk contains many easy absorbable [sic] vitamins; it gives the skin resistance and increases the blood flow.

All the caring products contain no perfume, and are not tested on animals.”

The advertisement in the Warm Blood Breeder’s Digest claims that the milk products “give energy to cancer patients.”




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