CHDC letter to Valley Auction

This letter was sent to Mr. Donald Raffan of Valley Auction by Sinikka Crosland of the CHDC regarding the Armstrong horses.


  1. Dan Salzano · ·

    Smart move to write that letter.

  2. You wonder too if the auction owner could be held responsible for selling the horses to known kill buyers after he has have been told the horses have been given vet drugs that are banned by the EU? All any of us can do is wait and see how this turns out I hope all of them end up in good homes.

  3. Anne Streeter · ·

    Thanks Sinikka for staying on top of this very bad scene!

  4. Hell yeah, they’ve had bute & who knows what else. That has always been the case. It’s about time the deception got noticed. American kill buyers don’t give a damn what horses have ingested, nor do they know. All they care about is $ per pound of horse flesh. They sure as hell won’t eat it.

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