New Initiative to Help Animals – Petition The Government of Canada To Assess Those Convicted of Animal Cruelty

urgentWhy is this petition important?

Animals are easy targets for abuse as they are vulnerable and without legal rights. Although the crime of animal cruelty may be viewed by some people as unimportant or trivial when compared with other crimes, studies show that people who harm animals may also be involved in other criminality, including crimes of violence toward humans, either simultaneously or in the future.

This petition calls upon the House of Commons to require that adequate risk assessment tools and intervention programs are developed and that everyone convicted of animal cruelty under the Criminal Code of Canada be required to undergo mandatory risk assessment and treatment developed specifically to target animal abuse.

The petition was created by animal activist Charlene Myers and (now retired) parole Donkey with rope burnsofficer Carole DeGrood, and is intended to be applicable to anyone convicted of animal cruelty under the Criminal Code in Canada.  Please help Animal Cruelty Legislation Advocates Canada collect signatures for presentation to the House of Commons.  This endeavour is similar to the petitions many horse advocates have collected for the anti-slaughter Bills in Canada.

You must reside in Canada in order to complete and mail the petition. 

The petition (in French and English),  and instructions for completion and mailing,  are available here:

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