Charlie Hebdo

It is with sadness that we learned about the shooting deaths of twelve journalists at the French newspaper, Charlie Hebdo.  In January of 2012, the paper published an article on Canadian horse slaughter accompanied with a satirical cartoon showing  a horse begging a slaughterhouse worker with the (translated) words “No, no, don’t do it.  I’ll do it myself.”  The cartoon indicated that the horse would rather hang himself than allow a plant worker kill him in the routine and  inhumane ways that have been exposed at four separate CHDC slaughter house investigations.

The Cartoon

The CHDC stands with all democratic nations around the globe in condemning the violence against those countries that have free speech and an unshackled press.

Here’s a link to our 2012 article about them.  Due to the sad events in Paris the article that they wrote may not be available at the moment until they regroup.



  1. MartyUK · ·

    I think your find sharia law in the uk is nothing more really than mediation have a read of this:

  2. We have alot of very important question to ask ourself….
    To who terrorisme benefits the most? Not muslim countries that’s for sure!!
    Really, think about it!

  3. Dan Salzano · ·

    It’s disgusting that incidents like this are constantly happening. Terrorism has limited our liberty, especially free speech. In the U.S> we have the patriot act to thank for that.

  4. I think whats happened in Europe is the fact that free speech is being snuffed out by the Muslims that are slowly taking over each country by the numbers. The UK has allowed the Muslims to use Sharia Law to govern the Muslims in that country in other words it is one totally different government to reside inside the host country. They have their own courts, judges etc. That’s unheard of in any western country to my knowledge. In the US the only place that is allowed is on the Indian Reservations. They have their own government to a point, their own police force and so on. Did anyone notice on one of the news shows it was mentioned about Paris having no go zones where the police are afraid to go well most of the cities in Europe have the same areas. And also a person can go to jail or be fined if they say anything against the Muslims on Facebook or anywhere else because they claim racist or Islamophobia to keep anyone from questioning their actions. In other words these countries are allowing their politicians to sacrifice their countries on the altar of political correctness. This is a example in Germany a activist was fined after he was found guilty of offending Islam in a blog post. This goes on all over Europe and its a lot worse than this. None of the newspapers mention any of this in the US or Canada. GateStone Institute is a good site to get a inside look at what is happening in Europe.

  5. Jennifer Canfield · ·

    Your post reminds us that we are truly one big family. Goodness thrives when people with compassion share. Evil thrives when people do nothing to stand up against it. Thank-you.

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