Barnie’s Story

In the November/December issue of Horse-Canada magazine, there’s a moving story about a horse named Barnie who was

Barnie  Photo via Horse-Canada

Photo via Horse-Canada

rescued from a very bad situation and now has a loving home.

We’re grateful to Horse-Canada for permission to present it here.


  1. Heather · ·

    What a wonderful inspiring story. It is so sad to hear about how the Menonnites treat these loving animals that work so hard for them…they are just to be disposed of in the cheapest way possible.

  2. So good to hear a good ending, so many end up in death or slaughter. Wish him a great rest of his life, with love and green pastures.

  3. What rescue is all about!! Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Anne Streeter · ·

    Wonderful story!!


  5. OH MY what a beautiful end to a very sad story, I have tears of happiness for Barnie now and admiration for Laura. Bless you all x

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