Ontario Racing Commission Calls For Working Group To Address Standardbred Shortage After Devastation of Industry

Standardbred racerFrom the Ontario Racing Commission website, we noticed that the “Horse Improvement Program” is seeking volunteers to address the declining horse supply for the 2017 Standardbred Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) Program.

There appears to be a decline in the Standardbred horse supply due largely to the cancellation of the controversial 2012 slots revenue-sharing program at Ontario racetracks under the former Liberal government.

Many industry related jobs were at risk propelling hundreds of Standardbreds into the slaughter pipeline and preventing breeding operations from either scaling back or shutting down completely.   So it’s no surprise that there is now a shortage of Standardbred horses,  since thousands were slaughtered as a result of the poorly-conceived Liberal program.

Those horses,  many valuable broodmares and even foals,  met a terrible demise and are gone forever.  Now, it appears that the Ontario Racing Commission will conclude that a massive breeding program is necessary to restore the number of horses to levels prior to the destruction of the industry.

Ontario Racing CommissionIn the past two years,  the CHDC wrote numerously about the perilous circumstances for these horses:

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  1. “Massive breeding” for what, for torturing more and more? NO!

    1. That is the perverse logic they use to promote consumerism, while hiding the facts behind the racing industry.

  2. Here in the US most if not all brood mares are sold into the slaughter pipeline once they are to old to breed. Instead of the breeders training these mares to ride and because of their good bloodlines I believe most of them could actually find good homes. But I have never heard of any of them doing that because they might have to spend a little money hiring a trainer. The mares are already gentle because of raising their foals so I never saw any downside to trying to find them homes. But the greed that exists in the racing industry is such that no one cares what happens to any of the horses once their money making days are over it overpowers any common sense in trying to help the animals that put food on their tables find homes.

  3. Although I can see where the Ontario Racing Commission is coming from, I do not agree that this industry should be propped up or indeed, continue. Racehorses have always been shipped for slaughter — the nature of the ‘sport’ lends itself to a high injury rate; also, when horses are no longer deemed of value, they are shipped for slaughter. A few lucky ones get to be recycled as hunter/jumpers or pleasure horses, IF they are sound. Few people are aware that broodmares will often reject their foals. Special mares are kept in foal to provide the necessary milk for these foals, but what happens to their foals? Shipped for slaughter. So the industry is not the saviour of the racehorse, but instead its sentence.

  4. Anne Streeter · ·

    Total insanity! Blame the Premier of Ontario for pumping piles of money into the dying horse racing industry during her re-election campaign. Shame! Now more Standardbreds will end up in the slaughter pipeline!

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