EU to tighten rules on horse passports

Animal Health: EU to tighten rules on horse passports

Equine PassportsA Commission proposal to revise the rules for the identification of horses was endorsed yesterday by EU Member States’ experts1. This revised Regulation provides a more reliable and safer European system for the registration and identification of horses in the EU. One of the basic aims is to prevent the inadvertent or fraudulent slaughter for human consumption of horses which must be excluded from the food chain.

EU Commissioner in charge of Health, Tonio Borg said: “As promised, this is another lesson drawn from last year’s horse meat fraud: the rules endorsed by the member States will strengthen the horse passport system in place. I believe that closer cooperation will enhance the safeguards which prevent non-food quality horse meat from ending up on our plates”.

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  1. The EU countries need to be aware that any horse brought from the U.S. and shipped either via Canada or Mexico, should absolutely not be allowed in the food chain. There are ZERO regulations in the U.S. of kill buyers, owners and on any horse that hits the pipeline. It is disgusting from a humane standpoint, and from a health standpoint, any country that accepts and then eats horse meat from the U.S. could face a real health hazard.

  2. Dan Salzano · ·

    I agree with you, both, Mary and Shirley.

  3. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I wonder how the tougher regulations will be handled by kill buyers from the US? Since they don’t know anything about the horses they buy at the auctions. If wonder too just how close will the inspections be when the horses come across the US/Canada border since we don’t have the passport system here at all. Without these passports if the law is followed to the letter that would mean that no horse can be slaughtered without a current passport which would bar any US horses from being slaughtered in Canada or Mexico. Because Mexico would have to do the same as Canada. This is going to be interesting how this turns out, lets hope this stops US horse from being slaughtered.

    1. andalvin1962 · ·

      This appears to only apply to horses in the EU member states. No mention of North America.

    2. Absolutely right, Barbara!!!

  4. Lets try and get this in the United States and stop the horses from going to slaughter.

  5. tracieglynn · ·

    I love this ruling! Why don’t we here in the United States and Canada adopt similar rules regarding these “passports”? I for one would get one for every foal that I raised for my new owner to insure that they wouldn’t be sent to slaughter.

  6. shirley smith · ·

    Good news Horses are not raised or regulated as food for human consumption and should NEVER be slaughtered for food!

  7. Mary Croft · ·

    Horses should never be slaughtered for food….

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