Richelieu Website Tells It Like It Is…

Attached is a screenshot from the “About” page for the Richelieu slaughterhouses website.  CHDC applauds them for their ironic sense of truth in advertising.  Their website used to advertise horses as all being purpose-bred and living on pastoral country farms.   Here they willingly acknowledge that “This is where the horses are slaughtered and cut up.  All the horses come from auctions in North America.”

Thankfully,  the text is not clouded in euphemisms such as “harvested,” “processed,” or even worse – “the equine terminal marketplace.”  They tell it like it is – “slaughtered and cut up.”  We wish all entities engaged in the slaughter empire were this honest.



  1. Posted this comment & your link on Conservative Bruce Stanton’s page…. These slaughter plants admit that the horses come from auctions…it is right on their websites. They do not come from farms. There is no way to trace all of them back to a farm of origin. Buyer beware…horse meat is toxic …there are no controls & the Conservatives voted not to improve the system…research who you vote for…

  2. Donikash · ·

    They just got a literal translation…I think the honesty was pure inadvertent

    1. Karen Barker · ·

      That was my thought too. Kudos to the translator who didn’t sugar-coat it for PR effect. I’m sure Richelieu isn’t even aware of how brutally graphic it sounds. Let’s make sure they don’t find out.

  3. The slaughter houses would be out of business if it were not for the uncaring owners and ignorant low end breeders breeding more horses than there is a market for.

    1. Karen Barker · ·

      Last summer I was at a tack sale and the woman whose booth was next to mine informed me she was a quarter horse breeder. She was bragging that she was expecting 20 foals that spring/summer. I asked if she had buyers for them all, to which she replied no, she had no buyers for any of them. I asked her what she was going to do if they didn’t sell. She replied she’d keep a few of the good ones for breeding and ship the rest. Absolute lunacy.

      1. andalvin1962 · ·

        Or a good comeback line to that is: You’re a breeder? I didn’t realize there was a shortage.

  4. Ditto Karen….DITTO…

  5. Karen Barker · ·

    I just spent the last 2 hours with my horse. I love my horse, and in as much as she can, she loves me. While I appreciate honesty, NOTHING justifies what these monsters do. It is no different than slaughtering our cats and dogs for an exclusive warped group of pet eaters. It shouldn’t be happening, and it needs to stop. IT IS MORALLY AND ETHICALLY WRONG.

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