Quebec to Amend Civil Code to Better Protect Animals From Abuse

Pierre ParadisWritten by: Martin Ouellet, Canadian Press

QUEBEC — Quebec’s new agriculture minister is promising to clean up the province’s bad reputation as one of the best places to be an animal abuser.

He said he has reached an agreement in principle with Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee that would give critters more status before the courts than inanimate property such as a chair or table.

“We were inspired by what was done in France, where they redefined the concept of the animal as a being that is capable of feeling pain,” Paradis said. “We’re looking into the judicial consequences of that but we don’t want it (the animal) to remain personal property.”

The change in status means the courts will consider pain and suffering when imposing penalties or fines on abusers.

While recognizing the sentient nature of an animal will not give it the same type of rights as for humans, it will increase the obligations on owners and breeders toward their charges.

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  1. Heather · ·

    Too bad we can’t get our Federal government to sit up and take notice that animals do indeed feel pain instead of having to go province by province. I don’t believe that Ontario has the greatest laws either when it comes to people being convicted of animal cruelty.

    1. halchkakonie5113 · ·

      What Ontario does much better than Quebec is prohibit animal sales in pet stores; instead they match what the family is looking for with the rescues.
      In Ontario they do not murder Horses either; here in our “belle Province” there is not only one…but two murdering sites, after immeasurable torture. Barbaric, inhumane and very, very shameful.

      1. andalvin1962 · ·

        Ontario allows the sale of animals in pet stores.

      2. halchkakonie5113 · ·

        Not all pets stores have heeded to this but several have; here in Quebec its a huge ZERO.

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I wish the US would adopt laws like that in all of the states. There are many states that ignore puppy mills and the cruelty that goes on in them. The USDA are supposed to inspect them but even if they find the the owners neglecting the animals they just write up a report and never go back to check on the dogs. Some states are doing a little better but this country has a long way to go just like Quebec. i wonder how this law will effect the horse slaughter plants? Only time will will tell.

    1. halchka sangovitch · ·

      I wonder if anything will change at all…there never seems to be any money for any inspectors to check that the laws are applied.
      Now, when you make a full fledged complain about known abuse, nothing is done for lack of funds.

  3. It is about time the someone in government in Quebec comes to their senses.

  4. MartyUK · ·

    But this part gets me
    “We were inspired by what was done in France, where they redefined the concept of the animal as a being that is capable of feeling pain,”

    Of course animals feel pain.

    1. halchka sangovitch · ·

      What you say Marty, is exactly one of the reasons why, to me, its only a smoke cloud; if Canada really cared, the Horse murdering would have been banned many, many years ago; if not for the fact that Horses are pets, partners or earn our living, but for the fact they are riddled with drugs…all of it purely disgusting.

  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    Good man. He recognizes the problems (one of the few). Was very happy when he was made Ag. Min. Three of us met with him in his riding several years ago. He gave us lots of time. I got good vibes.


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