Life-sized wild horse statues built at museum

Via Jerry Finch at Habitat for Horses…

First thing you do is let a foreign company build a horse slaughterhouse, then you send all the horses to their death, pocket a bunch of money, build a couple of statues of horses and tell everyone about all the wonderful things horses have done. Sounds perfectly logical, right? How long will it be before these statues are the only reminders our children have of the magnificent animals we destroyed because of the greed of a few? ~ Jerry

And, we have the RCMP Musical Ride Tribute in Fort MacLeod, home of the Bouvry slaughter plant and now this “tribute” to the Alberta wildies.

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  1. slaughter of horses in Canada must stop, as well as shipping of horses or horse meat to Europe, we must ban this forever in Canada,I’m ashamed to say I”m a Canadian living close to these slaughter plants, we need support from powerful people to force this change.

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I couldn’t get the comment button to work. But someone needs to tell the museum staff where thousands of horses have been killed in their own neighborhood. And show them where the websites are proving it.

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