On This Canada Day……….

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are made famous in part by the Musical Ride,  where 32 cavalry who are members of the force demonstrate their equestrian skills.  However, even on Canada Day,  the misery occurring at the slaughter capital of Fort MacLeod Alberta cannot be overlooked as bagpipes are played at the ironically situated Fort McLeod-based RCMP museum.


  1. How can you show off your horse and riding skills and know the horses in the pipe line are being slaughtered, sure seems like 2 sided being show, I get really angry for the horse being killed.

    1. I’m with u all the way good comment

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I agree 100% Anita all of these buildings around the world needs to be bulldozed and plant trees it will help the carbon problem. And no on knows how many of the horses in a film like this have ended their lives in one of the slaughter plants in Canada.

  3. Anita Virginillo · ·

    Cognitive dissonance!

  4. Anita · ·

    If I had my way the horse slaughterhouse would be bulldozed into the ground and burned…….buils solar greenhouses…..NO one needs to eat horse

    1. and of all not our horses, government needs to listen to us.

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