Temporary foreign worker changes worry slaughterhouses

The grey mare at Bouvry - Feb 2010

Horse 178, Bouvry Exports, February 2010

From Western Producer

Posted Jun. 23rd, 2014 by Canada’s meat processing industry is “very concerned” about changes made to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, says Ron Davidson of the Canadian Meat Council.

The federal government unveiled a number of reforms to the program June 20, including a 10 percent cap on the proportion of a workforce that can be low-wage temporary foreign workers.

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  1. I would be curious to know how many TFW are employed in Alberta and Quebec Horse killing HORRORS?

  2. Interesting! Dirty industries like meat processing will no longer be able to tell their imported workers to keep quiet and do what they are told regardless or they will be sent back to their homeland. Only desperate people work in those places so maybe this will force conditions to improve a bit.

  3. Mary-Joe · ·

    I like the $1,000.00 application for each foreign worker requested. That should kill the application process.

  4. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I wish the US government would make changes like this to the laws pertaining to all imported workers. There are so many illegal aliens working in the US doing jobs that the legal work force used to do its causing the lower wage worker to stay unemployed for months or years living on food stamps and some times homeless. The importation of IT workers from countries like India where the US worker has to train their replacement in order to receive severance pay should be illegal buts its not. Many of these companies get away with it every day so they have a workforce they can pay lower wages to than the American worker they just let go. This is going on all over the country with no end in sight. The US congress does nothing to put a stop to any of this.

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