Weary racehorse comes home to tears, hug

By  on June 20, 2014

Last Tribute and Megan

Last Tribute and Megan

Goosebumps of pride and peals of laughter celebrated the moment as cameras flashed, and the winning photo was taken. And then all was blighted by the presentation of an ugly red claiming tag, which sucked the breath from Megan Kerford, and dissolved her to tears.

“I went from feeling like we’d won the Kentucky Derby to feeling like I was going to barf,” Kerford says.

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  1. Anne Streeter · ·

    What a tear jerker! Absolutely beautiful creature!!!

  2. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    Teary eyed. Beautiful story of one who survived.

  3. Mary Croft · ·

    Wonderful story…

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