UPDATE – Have the Tentacles of Horse Slaughter Touched the Set of Heartland?

June 19, 2014

In the July/August 2014 issue of Horse-Canada magazine it’s reported that John Scott Productions is no longer wrangler for the TV show Heartland.

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After a night of careful deliberation and a rigorous boxing match between each direction of my moral compass, I’ve finally decided to write about this issue.  I’ve written about Alberta a few times before – Canadian slaughterphile and HWAC Chair Bill DesBarres, the Calgary Stampede, and our anti-slaughter billboard have featured predominantly in the past.  DesBarres is also the paid public representative of Claude Bouvry – the owner of Bouvry Exports.  Horse slaughter seems to be almost an entrenched tradition in Alberta, with Bouvry’s two plants and the Stampede setting the tone for institutionalized animal abuse and neglect.

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