CFIA Inspection Verification Teams Announced

RhonaToday, the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, announced the implementation of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) Inspection Verification Teams to oversee the performance of Canada’s food safety system.

Starting this month, six teams of three inspection verification officers will begin conducting targeted verifications at federally registered food establishments such as slaughter and meat production facilities. The verifications will focus on areas critical to the inspection and production of safe food, such as plant sanitation and the effectiveness of a company’s response to food recalls. An additional four teams will be operational by the fall.

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  1. Donikash · ·

    It’s just a cynical photo op. CFIA inspecting its own inspectors…I think we can expect nothing from this.

  2. So sorry for you all we are trying so hard here but can we do it ?????that is the questions, for all of us who are working hard to stop it will it ever happen? Our President is not behind us, says he is but no action. It is not right for any one in any country to eat toxic horse, mule, burro or any other tainted meat. It is not right and the people who buy it are the ones who send it over there. God help us all to do the right thing, and stop this now.

  3. Simply put we have an arrogant DICTATOR leading a majority govt. in Canada, a DICTATOR that hopefully will be removed along with his parrot followers. Bill C571 was clearly defeated at the direction of our DICTATOR Harper. There is virtually no chance that this Conservative DICTATOR SHIP will halt Horse Slaughter in Canada. The only way to stop this barbaric industry now is for the U.S. PUBLIC to get the their safe act passed.

    1. What is to stop it from being just another make work project with 3 times as many employees seeing nothing and doing nothing? The Swiss meat company Migros terminated its contract with Bouvry because of horrific images from his feedlots, substandard conditions and horses in severe distress. Saputo, Canada’s largest milk processor will no longer accept any milk from Chilliwack Cattle Sales in B.C. because of horrific images of cattle being beaten, whipped and hanged. Bouvry is till carrying on in spite of having government inspectors on site. Seems like there are two different standards.

  4. Ann we don’t want out horses shipped any place for human’s to eat them, we don’t want horses to go to slaughter at all, help us to get the safe act passed ….

    1. Lin Month · ·

      A law passed in the U.S. prohibiting the export of horses for slaughter would shut down the Canadian plants. Canadians are hoping this will happen as the chances that the present government in Canada will really do anything humane are pretty much zero.

  5. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I know that Canada seems to be really sliding backward as far as the inspection process goes. There has been trouble here about speeding up the line in the US and forcing inspectors in chicken slaughter plants to try to inspect chicken carcasses that are hung upside down hooked to a belt along with forcing the workers to work even faster to move the chicken out to a room where the cutup chicken is boxed and bagged for shipment. There were comments about the injuries to workers plus chicken getting through that was not fully inspected with with a speed up like that.

  6. and yes the inhumane treatment….methods to ship them in huge trucks packed with all ages, sizes sexes. most are injured…all to get them to canada so that they can profit from their misery. then after they get to this destination. brutally handled and slaughtered. no it doesn’t matter how clean the facility is = it is still viewed by americans as barbarism.

    1. Lin Month · ·

      The majority of Canadians are with you all the way. We have a government that is “influenced” by business.

  7. our horses (AMERICAN) are not a food source in the first place. we dont care how safe you make it up there in canada. you still ship these companion animals into your plants and KILL them.

    1. Janice, there are as many Canadians who are fighting against horse slaughter in this country as you have in the U.S. Both countries must pass legislation to prohibit horse slaughter in any form. In 2012 72.8% of the horses killed in Canadian plants were from the U.S. In 2013 there was a drop but still 58.5% of the horses killed in Canadian plants were from the U.S. The S.A.F.E. Act will end this export to slaughter so you must work at getting it passed.

      1. thank you Janice for the Canadians who are fighting against horse slaughter plants.

    2. Lin Month · ·

      We pray the United States will pass a law prohibiting the export of horses for slaughter. We have a @#$%^&* government up here that could care less about anything. (from Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Canada)

  8. Anne Streeter · ·

    No mention of humane treatment of animals! What about cameras in all facilities?

    1. Lin Month · ·

      Good idea, but half of the cruelty occurs in the transport trailers where horses from different herds are crammed in together. They fight for freedom and fight each other every inch of the way and end up with horrific injuries (broken bones, bite wounds, ruptures eyed — many colic from the stress and die on the floor of a burst intestine all the while being trampled by the others.

  9. Ann Lawrence · ·

    Verified: Horses coming in to Canadian slaughterhouses from the USA are full of bute and other toxins. Keep the Canada food supply “clean” and “safe”–just ship those toxic horses to other countries… and wash your hands of the whole thing. Food terrorism at its best. Disgusting.

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