Bouvry Exports loses major customer

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hrose 33 sits up after being shot

Bouvry Exports plant – horse 33 sits up after being shot – from Chambers of Carnage – CHDC report on slaughter conditions at Bouvry & Richelieu Meats

Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail company & supermarket chain has decided to terminate its contract with Bouvry Exports and will no longer buy meat from the Canadian supplier. The decision was made after Migros was confronted again with horrific images from the Bouvry feedlots provided by Animals’ Angels (AA) and its Swiss partner organization Tierschutzbund Zuerich (TSB). The footage obtained by AA and TSB in October of 2013 showed mares left to die and decompose inside the pen area as well as horses with apparent, contagious diseases and severely overgrown hooves.

The graphic pictures were the “straw that broke the camel’s back” – Migros had been monitoring Bouvry Exports very closely ever since AA’s 2012 exposure of substandard conditions & horses in severe distress at the company’s Canadian feedlots. This decision is a MAJOR loss for Bouvry Exports, since Migros was one of their biggest customers and it is expected to result in a significant decrease of US horses shipped to slaughter.

Brandi Turner
Head of Investigations Colorado
Animals’ Angels Inc.


  1. Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself, others and animals. Having no respect he ceases to love…..
    Hope BOUVRY is put to his knees, against the wall and/or never exists again. To much sorrow, to much pain has been known and may the HORSES run free!

  2. Has everyone seen this?

    It appears the BLM is still at war with the wishes of Vilsack (USDA) and The White House itself. Announcements have been made by both entities that slaughter has to end. The welfare ranchers on our taxpayer-supported public lands in western states have been told to leave/pay up. It appears that some do not like these messages from the USDA and The White House (ref the Cliven Bundy violent deadbeats).

    The BLM has a notorious history and the western states have a long history of corruption re these matters. Velma Johnston (aka Wild Horse Annie) worked in this effort from the 1950’s and had to go back to Congress twice to obtain any protections for the wild horses: and

    Corruption is a major part of this scenario and it is longstanding. Until we can have compliance with officials and enforcement supported by all in a uniform manner, we will see horse slaughter and other abuses by the same entities. Behind any obstruction of law is a cash based entity making payoffs. Corporate agriculture is obvious. See for lists of industries and for who gets paid and by whom in Congress, where laws are made. If we wonder why The SAFE Act is not up for vote, think about industry cash in Congress.

    If we don’t act directly on these corrupt officials and pressure them for action, there will be no change at all. Send agencies and elected officials a clear message.

  3. Laureen · ·

    I hope this brings them to their knees. I want to see them gone and out of business permanently!! This is a horrific company who has gotten away with many things for far too long. There has been absolutely no justice for the horses whatsoever, and you can further thank our useless government for not standing behind the horses and promoting abuse.

  4. This is great news and I join others in thanking Animals’ Angels – without them this step toward ending horse slaughter everywhere would not have happened. It seems to me that some in the U.S. Congress have been reluctant to co-sponsor the Safe Act banning transport to slaughter in Canada or Mexico because of some misguided reluctance about “interfering in commerce”. This should now be a mute point since Europe is clearly signalling the beginning of the end of Bouvary and therefore the end of this brutal and inhumane trafficking of horses for slaughter to Canada and Mexico. Thoreau once said cynically about the abolition of slavery that it would happen only when it was of no economic value to the minority who profited from it. I do not know if this was true but I am hoping that it will be true with the abolition of horse slaughter soon following the inability of a few heartless men to profit from it.

    1. Thank you Shane Destry, we appreciate your support.

  5. Such wonderful news. Thank you, Angels for your heroic efforts. As more and more people see the horror houses we will stop the soul-less Claude Bouvrys of the world who prey on humans as well as equines.

    1. Thank you, we will continue until this horrid industry is not longer valid.

  6. Best news I’ve heard all day. Thank you Migros. But they will they just buy it somewhere else?

  7. This news is so sweet, bittersweet. The horse in the photo here looks like my Jordan, a wild horse and I was stunned to feel such despair momentarily feeling a deep sense of loss. So many have had to live with that reality. I am so grateful to Brandi, Sonia and all the brave people of Animals Angels who have fought so hard to help us protect our horses. I can’t even express it. Fight on!

  8. elizabethjdana · ·

    When the cloak is pulled off the face of Evil and exposed to the Light ..then Truth is set free and the minds and hearts of righteousness will be uplifted….thank God for this blessing and those who must endure the horrors to film this …pray that they know we do not have the courage to walk where they walk….for they are the armor of God…

  9. Barbara Griffith · ·

    This is good news but what I am afraid of is the killers funneling the horses they buy at US auctions from Canada to Mexico. If this company in Switzerland also imports horse meat from Mexico I hope they have enough sense to understand where most of the horses are coming from. Along with the terrible cruelty in the Mexican slaughter plants that Animals’ Angels has exposed. Since the EU refuses to allow US horse meat that would have been coming directly from the US if any of the horse slaughter plants had been allowed to operate shipped to any of the EU countries. The EU ignores the fact that a large percentage of the horses going to slaughter originate in the US which is where the vet drugs are used every day something they have known all along but have done nothing about. But according to what happened to Bouvry it will depend on the EU companies refusing to import Canadian horse meat to put the slaughter plants out of business for good. As I have said many times before, shut down US horses being shipped to Canada/Mexico it will damn sure put all of them out of business in both countries. Believe me that will be a day to celebrate.

  10. Deborah Tiffin · ·

    Thank you Animals Angels, and your European counterpart, TSB. You are all heroes. This is a major victory.

  11. Celebrate!

    Just a note for those of us who have not heard yet: Ayache is scheduled in court.

    Be sure to write any candidates for political office about using the issue of horseslaughter as a voting issue for 2014. ***Pass The SAFE Act and PAST Act now.

    Please note that Alison Grimes is running for the Senate from KY, opposing Mitch McConnell. KY has 14 slaughter collection points according to a source I know in KY.

    Please ask Grimes to make ending horseslaughter an election issue. If she is vocal publicly, she can force this issue back into public attention in time for the 2014 elections.

    Contact the Grimes campaign directly at and/or
    Campaign website

  12. Victoria McCullough · ·

    Yeah Sonya great news absolutely great work and have really great news about border closure My most heartfelt congratulations Victoria

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    1. Thank you Victoria, I will pass your comment on to Sonja.

    2. Oh my gosh.

  13. Glenda · ·

    Great news and hopefully the beginning of the end. Efforts towards informing the buyers and consumers of horse meat may be what ends the Canadian slaughter plants as surely their confidence in the ability of Canada’s slaughter plants to provide a safe food source while ensuring no animal abuse during the process is very questionable. The world just needs to know about this made in Canada’s dirty little secret which is supported by our misinformed government. I am sure that more major buyers will cancel further orders. No reputable corporation whom is accountable and responsible to their consumers would want to be associated with the likes of Bouvry. A good day for many horses. .

  14. Sharing this everywhere & posted on Con-servative Bruce Stanton’s facebook page….he voted against Bill C-571…he said the meat was safe & the animals are well treated…Under the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper the Agriculture of this country is slowly loosing credibility around the world in many others sectors as well….YIKES!

  15. V Fisher · ·

    Money means everything to Bouvry, so I hope this hurts a lot! Unfortunately, the purchaser is just going to look elsewhere for horse meat. It has to stop completely, everywhere. I’ll take this as a victory though…..que happy dance!!

  16. Mary Croft · ·

    Thank you Animals’ Angels and everyone who has contributed so much toward ending horse slaughter!!

  17. Great.. and let alone the drugs in meat. This is a business destined to fail. Get it all shut down. US pass the SAFE ACT in CONGRESS.

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