Announcing…LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society Fundraiser

Please join LongRun on August 15th for a western-themed fundraiser trackside at Woodbine.  Sponsorship opportunities available as well!

LongRun is one of the first adoption and placement programs for thoroughbred racehorses in Ontario.  LongRun believes that thoroughbred racehorses deserve a dignified retirement. They aim to offer an alternative to owners and trainers – rather than have horses continue to race that are no longer able to compete, LongRun tries to help by fostering, rehabilitating and finding these racehorses permanent adoptive homes and alternative careers as pleasure horses or companion animals.

Through fundraising and volunteer work, as well as assistance from the Ontario thoroughbred industry, LongRun evaluates retired racehorses and attempts to provide any needed care and fostering they might require. Funds raised by LongRun are used for basic care, feed, veterinary supplies, shipping and blacksmith services as well as blankets, halters and other stable equipment.

LongRun also aims to educate the Ontario thoroughbred racing community, as well as the public, about these alternatives for retired racehorses through their work.

Please save the date and share widely!  Thank You!

PDF version available here.

LongRun event

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