O.A.T.S. Horse Rescue Fosters Critically Ill Baby Horses

baby horseTheresa Nolet of O.A.T.S. Horse Rescue is working tirelessly to foster her second young horse from the Penticton area of British Columbia.

The latest in a series of baby feral horses rescued near Penticton is teetering on the brink of death.

This colt is the third baby horse rescued in the past month and is the second one taken in by Theresa.

“It’s going as well as can be expected right now,” she said. “He will have to get a blood transfusion because he did not get the colostrum from his mom.”

The colostrum passes on antibodies to the baby which help combat diseases and it boosts the immune system.

The colt also suffered some physical injuries to his neck and legs. “He’s got puncture wounds on his neck, what is called edema, or fluid under the skin in his stomach area and he may have damage to one of his left legs,” she said. “No one witnessed it, but we are assuming either a dog or a coyote.”

The colt requires nearly constant care to stay alive. Nolet is currently sleeping in a cot beside him so she can feed him every hour.

“I’m tired, I have two little babies here that need lots of attention,” she said, referring to the other colt she is caring for, which was born in someone’s back yard a couple of weeks ago.

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Additional pictures and the option of donation are available on Facebook. 

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    Idk if it is just me or what, but that foal looks like it was photoshopped onto the picture of the hay. And it was badly photoshopped too. What do you think???

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