Equine Canada Announces New Chief Executive Officer

After an exhaustive search,  Equine Canada appears to be taking a new approach with regard to their new Chief Executive Officer.  Eva Havaris hails from a sports background that consists of various managerial responsibilities for  Taekwondo Canada and  High Performance Women’s Rugby.   It’s unknown whether Ms. Havaris has any experience with horse sport or horses in general.  We can only hope that during her tenure she will emphasize horse sport over horses as an exploited agricultural commodity,  which is the current path upon which Equine Canada appears to be focused.

You can read the full Equine Canada press release here.

Eva Havaris




  1. Krang · ·

    This lady destroyed Taekwondo in Canada. Google Taekwondo encore for the answers.

  2. Kristina · ·

    She had no experience with Taekwondo either, and it resulted in the death of the sport at the grassroots level because all the focus was on the medal winners. And heaven forbid anyone EVER disagree with her. You remember the soup nazi? Well, instead of hearing “No soup for you” it turned out to be “Sanctions for you!”

  3. Mary-Joe · ·

    Yep that is right. Ignore is bliss!

  4. I wonder if she eats OR supports horse slaughter…..Inquiring minds need to know…..

  5. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that she’s pro-slaughter. They picked someone with no horse experience so she can easily consider horses part of the food chain!!!!

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