The U.S. continues to move forward in banning horse slaughter forever while Canada STILL lags far behind

Little girl and  paintWASHINGTON—U.S. Senators Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.,today passed a ban on domestic horse slaughter through the Senate Appropriations Committee as part of the FY2015 Agriculture Appropriations bill. This ban, which passed by a 18-12 vote, will prohibit the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) from using federal funds to inspect horsemeat intended for human consumption, effectively banning domestic horse slaughter and protecting the public from toxic horse meat. Similar language was included in the President’s budget request and is supported by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Please read the press release from Senator Landrieu here.


  1. judye822 · ·

    In all fairness to Canadians’ efforts to stop slaughter, I have to say that from what I’ve read…. the Canadian people are much more active in their protests to save wild horses and to end slaughter than what I’ve witnessed in America.
    Additionally, although we are prohibiting horse slaughter IN America, very little progress is being made on stopping the shipping of more than 100,000 American horses every year to their slaughter in Canada and Mexico!!
    BRAVO, my Canadian anti-slaughter advocate friends!! I’ve seen your efforts and applaud you for your commitment!!!!

  2. otis henry · ·

    … sadly many of us have grown to distrust the powers th@ be. ” i ” could even distrust the “god of our fathers”, for where is the justice & compassion in this world. the u s, it seems, is only saying No to the slaughter (inaccurately & in effectively) for technical reasons, not essentially ethical reasons. funding for u s d a inspection is disallowed. the question of the meat of “the horse” being safe. where is / where are the ethics ? any creature does not come in to this world just to be one meal for one human for one night. ” i ” am not deceived, the reasons for No slaughter are not ethically based, they are just a matter of economics. horses d not deserve to be murdered – neither do donkeys or sheep or cows … in my view : meat is murder & murder is a crime against love.

    1. otis henry · ·

      … &, barbara, i would wish th@ what you say to be true. i wish. if ya think on it, the bunching & transport of horses – if not to slaughter plants in the u s then on to canada & or mexico. the u s situation is one of disallowing slaughter of the horses, in country. u s horses are transported maliciously to canada & especially (malice & greed) mexico. seems to me th@ the only way the u s horses are not sent to be murdered in canada or mexico is, if laws are enacted to disallow the transport of u s horses beyond / across either borders for slaughter. then it is for mexico & canada to outlaw the slaughter / murder of horses, no matter where they came from. the u s situation is only one of, No u s d a inspection, aside from public disapproval. i do not mean to be so focused on paper trailing, for my point is one of stopping the murders. the govts only care for legislation – bought & sold, as we suspect.

  3. J Newnham · ·

    Is there a petition anywhere

  4. This bans domestic slaughter. I don’t see it banning transport to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. If anything, their plants will kill more horses.

  5. Barbara Griffith · ·

    Like I have said many times before put a stop here in the US to horse slaughter and the hauling of US horses to Canada/Mexico to be killed will all but close up the slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico for good. They can’t kill horses they don’t have. Never again will any of us have to look at photos of truck loads of US horses on the road for days to any slaughter plant. The day that happens there will be celebrations in both countries. I’m hoping that day is coming very soon.

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