Hooman Akbary abandons 41 thoroughbreds

One man’s reckless romp through Ontario as a horse breeder leaves trail of chaos and creditors in Canada’s thoroughbred racing heartland.

Bold Mist in trailerHAGERSVILLE, ONT.—Five years ago, international horse trainer Hooman Akbary converted a sprawling Haldimand County dairy farm into stables to raise world-class racing thoroughbreds.

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The CHDC would like to thank Mary Ormsby and Dale Brazzo for continuing to expose the issues facing horses today.


  1. stacy hahn · ·

    contact the Animal Legal Defense Fund

  2. How could anyone call that – horses in pictures – having any form of care….

  3. Anne Streeter · ·

    Dreadful story – one of many!! What a rotten business! Horrifying photo!


  4. No surprise, yet incredibly heart breaking. Another testament to how vulnerable horses are to human’s whims, egos and greed. Truly mind boggling.

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