Tierschutzbund Zurich issues press release on Bill C-571

Our friends at Tierschutzbund (Zurich) sent this notice out today:

Press release: Canadian Parliament defeats food safety bill

Dear All,

On May 14th, the Canadian Parliament defeated Bill C-571which would have improved food safety standards and traceability in the horsemeat industry. The bill required that only horses may be slaughtered for human consumption which have been raised primarily for human consumption and which have got a horse passport and a complete lifetime medical record (as required in the EU). The number of horses sent to slaughter would have decreased substantially. The defeat of Bill C-571 is a victory of the horsemeat industry over the interests of animal welfare and consumer organisations.

We have sent out a press release today in which we call on the retailers to stop the import of horsemeat from Canada and follow the example of Lidl and Volg, which have completely stopped selling horsemeat.

Please feel free to translate and use our press release in your country.

Link to Bill C-571: http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=6394749

Link to the homepage of MP Alex Atamanenko: http://alexatamanenko.ndp.ca/parliament-defeats-food-safety-bill-102-ayes-155-nays


  1. Barbara Griffith · ·

    One thing that is wrong with the population of the US is the fact that large numbers of them trust the Feds take care of them and make sure they are safe and secure. That hasn’t happened for a while now but the believers number in the millions. No matter how many beef recalls there are or tainted fresh vegetable recalls or anything else that is considered food they still believe in the Feds no matter what. The consumers in Canada are the same way with the number of recalls of beef in Canada last year or so. The politicians in the US congress have no interest in what happens in Europe to the consumer after eating US horse meat shipped to them via Canada or Mexico as long as its not them taking the heat for it they ignore it. They do love the dollars funneled to them through lobbyists for the racing industry and numerous other crooks benefiting off of over breeding and then dumping the animals at the nearest auction. It appears Canada’s politicians are suffering from the same affliction.

    1. Laureen · ·

      Yes, and there was just another huge beef recall. 95,000 people died last year in the US alone from bad meat. What does it take to stop eating meat all together? Really? I could not believe how many people have died from eating bad meat.

  2. Vickysecho, your comment hit the nail on the head.
    It is absolutely astonishing that the debate over this bill and its failure to pass was not even seen by our national network as worthy of reporting on. What is worse it deals directly with FOOD SAFETY AND THE PUBLIC.
    It truly makes one wonder what the relationship ship is betwwen our national network reporting is with the federal govt.

    1. The incredible good news is this is a SWISS company with far reaching international CORPORATE networks. So much Wall Street money goes through the banks, and Suiss Bank was just penalized a couple billion dollars (I know a drop in the bucket) for their involvement in routing overseas monies through their banks. I am praying the culmination of the integrity of the Swiss businesses at risk, togther with this stark reaction to the implication of the defeat of the food safety bill will tip the consciousness of business. Long story short, Zurich’s declaration and suggestion for good stewardship will have an international impact.

  3. NVKate · ·

    thank you V Fisher! I totally agree!

  4. Welcome to the bright day! Thank you Zurich

  5. Heather · ·

    Let’s hope this opens the eyes of our government…I don’t hold out much hope. My MP never responded to the many emails I have sent regarding this issue so let’s speak as loudly as we can, LET’S SHOUT OUT with our votes in the next election!!

    1. Laureen · ·

      Yes I too have not heard a peep/response from my MLA or MP. There is no justice whatsoever!

  6. What does it take to get people in North America to act responsibly with integrity…. What has happened that has made people so insensitive to not even care what is in their food? Is it because our governments fail the will of the people so often that people just have to stop getting involved. This statement and press release which I can’t even read, brings tears to my eyes. The forth right approach in other countries has me mesmerized. They take so many things seriously that people in North America have become numb to. Here they do things and no one ever is even aware of what they are doing. I am truly grateful for everyone that has helped even in the slightest. Thank you especially Tierschutzbund (Zurich) for hearing our voices and the cries from North America….

    1. Our group was the first to show that American horses sent to slaughter for human consumption were given the banned drug phenylbutazone. A total of 18 American Thoroughbred race horses were given phenylbutazone; 16 were given as a race day medication, one horse was given bute as documented by a licensed veterinarian and one TB race horse had documented blood levels of phenylbutazone after winning a race. American horses are NOT raised for food. The majority of horses slaughtered by the Canadian slaughter houses come from the United States. Even the Secretary of Agriculture in the United States is against horse slaughter because unlike food-producing animals which require health certificates, American horses do not require health certificates so it is anybody’s guess what legal and/or illegal drugs that are given to American horses. The defeat if the Canadian bill to regulate the horse slaughter industry is as much as a travesty as it is for the United States to allow the exportation of our horses across both borders for slaughter.

  7. V Fisher · ·

    Good! I don’t care which door we manage to get in by, front – back – makes no difference to me, just as long as we get in and close and lock it behind us.

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